New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (c. 22)
1991 c. 22 - continued

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Part II
New Roads in Scotland
  Clauses 25 to 43 concern the provision of new roads in Scotland and correspond generally to the clauses for England and Wales in Part I of the Bill.
  Clause 25 provides a procedure for authorising a roads authority to charge tolls and for tolled roads and associated facilities to be exempt from rates. It also makes certain requirements in respect of contracts for the design and construction of such roads and provides for reports to Parliament by the Secretary of State in respect of such contracts or roads where he is the roads authority. Clause 26 provides for the assignation of rights under a toll order. Clause 27 corresponds to clause 7 and clause 28 to clause 12. Clause 29 provides that unassignable toll orders should specify the maximum tolls that can be charged, but that assignable toll orders should not, except where clause 30 applies: the latter corresponds to clause 8. Clauses 31 and 32 correspond to clauses 10 and 11, and Clause 33 to clause 5.
  Clauses 34 to 38 correspond broadly to clauses 13 to 17. Clauses 39 and 40 correspond to clauses 3 and 22. Clauses 41 and 42 correspond to clauses 18 and 19. Clause 43 concerns interpretation and applies provisions of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.
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