Royal Arms Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act 1991 (c. 28)

1991 c. 28


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  Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act 1991 (c. 28)

1991 Chapter c. 28



Part I
Scottish Natural Heritage
Establishment of SNH
1.  Scottish Natural Heritage.
Functions of SNH
2.  General functions of Scottish Natural Heritage
3.  Duty to take account of certain matters.
4.  Nature conservation functions.
5.  Development projects or schemes.
6.  Natural Heritage Areas.
7.  Powers of entry.
Grants and loans
8.  Government grants to Scottish Natural Heritage.
9.  Grants and loans.
10.  Reports, accounts etc.
11.  Directions by Secretary of State.
12.  Advisory Committee on SSSIs.
13.  Access to open country.
14.  Dissolution of bodies.
Part II
15.  Power to control abstraction of water for irrigation.
16.  Offence of unlicensed abstraction of water for irrigation.
17.  Licences.
18.  Special provisions for shortage or abundance of water.
19.  Transitional provisions.
Part III
20.  Drought orders.
21.  Offences against drought orders.
22.  Interpretation, transitional provisions and savings.
Part IV
23.  Finance.
24.  Rights of entry and inspection under Parts II and III.
25.  Service of documents.
26.  Offences by persons other than natural persons.
27.  Consequential and miscellaneous amendments and repeals.
28.  Short title, commencement and extent.
  Schedule 1   Constitution and proceedings of Scottish Natural Heritage.
  Schedule 2   Amendment of Enactments conferring nature conservation functions.
  Schedule 3   Access to Open Country.
  Schedule 4   Transitional arrangements on the dissolution of existing bodies.
  Schedule 5   Provisions as to applications for, making, coming into operation, and validity of, control orders.
  Schedule 6   Provisions as to applications for, variation, revocation and transfer of licences under Part II.
  Schedule 7   Further provisions regarding drought orders.
  Schedule 8   Procedure for making drought orders.
  Schedule 9   Compensation in respect of drought orders.
  Schedule 10   Miscellaneous Amendments.
  Schedule 11   Repeals.

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