Road Traffic Act 1991 (c. 40)
1991 c. 40 - continued

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        83.    The enactments mentioned in Schedule 8 to this Act (which include enactments which are spent) are hereby repealed to the extent specified in the third column of that Schedule.


        84.—(1) The preceding sections of, and the Schedules to, this Act shall come into force on such day as the Secretary of State may appoint by order made by statutory instrument; and different days may be appointed for different purposes and in respect of different areas.

    (2) An order under subsection (1) above may make such transitional provision as appears to the Secretary of State to be necessary or expedient.


        85.    Any expenditure incurred by the Secretary of State under or by virtue of this Act shall be payable out of money provided by Parliament.


        86.    Except in so far as it amends any enactment extending there, this Act does not extend to Northern Ireland.

Short title.

        87.    This Act may be cited as the Road Traffic Act 1991.
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