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Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (c. 27)
  Main body
  Part I General Provisions for Traffic Regulation
  Temporary suspension
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Version 1 of 1
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[ F1 13A.
Temporary suspension of provisions under s. 6 or 9 orders.
(1) The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis or the Commissioner of Police for the City of London may temporarily suspend the operation of any provision of an order made under section 6 or 9 of this Act so far as that provision relates to any road or part of a road in Greater London which is within his area, in order to prevent or mitigate congestion or obstruction of traffic, or danger to or from traffic in consequence of extraordinary circumstances.
(2) Subject to subsection (3) below, the period of suspension under subsection (1) above shall not continue for more than 7 days.
(3) If the Secretary of State gives his consent to the period of suspension being continued for more than 7 days, the suspension shall continue until the end of such period as may be specified by the Secretary of State in giving his consent.
Amendments (Textual)
S. 13A inserted(1.10.1991) by Road Traffic Act 1991 (c. 40, SIF 107:1), s. 81, Sch. 7, para. 4 (with s. 79(1)); S.I. 1991/2054, art. 3,Sch.

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