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Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (c. 27)
  Main body
  Part IV Parking Places
  Parking on highways for payment
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Version 1 of 1
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F1 Variation of charges at designated parking places.
(1) Where, by virtue of section 46 of this Act, any charges have been prescribed by a designation order or by an order under that section, the authority making that order may vary those charges by notice given under this section.
(2) The variation of any such charges by notice is not to be taken to prejudice any power to vary those charges by order under section 46 of this Act.
(3) The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision as to the procedure to be followed by any local authority giving notice under this section.
(4) The regulations may, in particular, make provision with respect to
the publication, where an authority propose to give notice, of details of their proposal;
the form and manner in which notice is to be given; and
the publication of notices.
(5) In giving any notice under this section a local authority shall comply with the regulations.]
Amendments (Textual)
S. 46A inserted (5.7.1993 in relation to E.W. and otherwise 10.10.1997) by Road Traffic Act 1991 (c. 40, SIF 107:1), s.42; S.I. 1993/1461, art. 2(b); S.I. 1993/1686, art.2.; S.I. 1997/2260, art. 2

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Attributes of:   46A. Variation of charges at designated parking places.
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