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The Chester Guided Busway Order 2002 (No. 412)
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Traffic signs
27. (1) The Council may, for the purposes of, or in connection with the operation of, the busway system, place or maintain traffic signs of a type prescribed by regulations made under section 64(1)(a) of the 1984 Act or of a character authorised by the Secretary of State on or near any street along which guided buses using the busway system are run.
(2) Unless in any case it is the traffic authority, the Council
shall consult the traffic authority as to the placing of signs, and
unless the traffic authority are unwilling to do so and subject to any directions given under section 65 of the 1984 Act, shall enter into arrangements with the traffic authority for the signs to be placed and maintained by the traffic authority.
(3) Any power conferred by Click here to go to affected legislationsection 65 of the 1984 Act to give directions to a traffic authority or local traffic authority as to traffic signs shall include a power to give directions to the Council as to traffic signs under this article; and, accordingly, the powers conferred by paragraph (1) shall be exercisable subject to and in conformity with any directions given under that section.(4) A traffic authority or other authority having power under or by virtue of the 1984 Act to place and maintain, or cause to be placed and maintained, traffic signs on or near any street along which the busway system is run shall consult with the Council as to the placing of any traffic sign which would affect the operation of the busway system.
(5) Expressions used in this article and in the 1984 Act shall have the same meaning in this article as in that Act.

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