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The 'A-Z index' enables you to browse legislation using an alphabetical index. Select the 'A-Z index' link from the search bar at the top of the page.



When you select the 'A-Z index' link, this page appears:


A to Z Index page


The alphabetical order of the index is based on the legislation title. By default, legislation beginning with the letter 'A' is displayed.


The results are displayed 20 to a page. If there are more than 20 results, you can move through the pages using the page navigation facility displayed at the top and bottom of the table. This facility is described more fully in Working with Search Results.


On the 'A-Z Index' page you can do the following:



The ‘A-Z index’ will always produce the latest versions of legislation, applicable to the widest geographical extent. This is because the facility deems that you have specified two additional search criteria: an ‘As at the date’ of today’s date and an extent of ‘UK (Applicable to)’. If you want to search using any other date or extent criteria, please use ‘Advanced search’.



Note that the word 'The' at the start of a title is ignored for the purposes of determining the initial letter under which it will appear. For example, 'The Environment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002' is listed under 'E' not 'T'.



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