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Annotations to legislation on SLD are used to give authority for amendments or other effects on that legislation and to convey editorial information. They appear at the foot of the relevant provision or under the associated heading if relating to a higher-level division.


Annotations are categorised by annotation type, such as F-notes for textual amendments and I-notes for commencement information. For a detailed description of annotation types and what they contain, see Annotation Types on SLD.


Each annotation is identified by a sequential reference number. For example, the reference I23 would represent the 23rd occurrence of commencement information in the legislation you have opened. Similarly, M8 would be the eighth marginal citation in the legislation you have opened. For F-notes and M-notes only, the number also appears in bold superscript at the relevant location in the text.



In the illustration above, F34 is the 34th F-note annotation in the opened legislation, and this number appears at the beginning of the selection of text it refers to, while I10 is the 10th I-note annotation, and, since it refers to the whole of this section, has no equivalent reference number in the text.



All the annotation types apart from F-notes and M-notes relate to whole provisions, sub-provisions, and so on, and consequently it has been decided not to show references to these in the text in order to reduce cluttering.


Annotations reciting authority for an amendment or other effect on the legislation from 2002 onwards may contain one or more red hyperlinks.



Clicking on these hyperlinks will take you to the relevant affecting legislation.



Note that annotations may appear at any level in a piece of legislation (e.g. Part, Schedule or whole Act), not just at provision level, and you may need to check against these higher levels of division for relevant annotations. Most types of annotation that relate to a whole Act appear under the long title. (To see these you will need to open the introductory text.) One notable exception is the annotation that indicates the final repeal of a whole Act, which appears against the short title.


Northern Ireland Variations

In Northern Ireland revised legislation, all annotations inserted prior to 2006 will appear as F-notes. At present this means that they will all appear under the heading ‘Amendments – Textual’. We are considering options for correcting this. Also, these annotations do not follow the SLD format illustrated above – see Content of Annotations.



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