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Attributes are items of information attached to versions of legislation on SLD denoting properties of the legislative text. Every version of every provision, higher level division or whole piece of legislation has its own attributes.


They are intended mainly for search purposes, that is to say, the search engine will refer to the attribute data to determine whether a version of a provision matches the specified search criteria. They are not intended to be sources of authoritative information about the legislation or its provisions.


A table of attributes for the version of the provision (or other level of division) currently on view will be displayed at the foot of the opened web page. This example shows the attributes for the Merchant Shipping Act 1983 (c. 13) opened at the Whole Act level:



You can reach the table by scrolling down the page or by clicking the Open level with attributes icon at the start of the page on the left-hand side:



If you wish to view attributes for other versions of the provision (or other level of division) you have opened, select the Show attributes for all versions link, immediately above the attributes table.



This will expand the table to show attributes for all versions, as in the example below.


Attributes table showing attributes for all versions of the Excise Permit Act 1832 (repealed 5.11.1993) (c.16)


All the version numbers (except that for the version currently on display) are shown as hyperlinks. Select any version number to jump to that version of the document. If you wish to collapse this table again to show only the attributes for the version on view, select the Show attributes for version displayed only link, which will now appear immediately above the attributes table in place of the previous link.



The attributes currently used on SLD are as follows:




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