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Prospective Versions

Where the text of a provision is amended but no date has yet been appointed for the amendments (or any of them) to come into force (they are ‘prospective’), a new version is made showing how the provision will appear when the prospective amendments are in force. Similarly, if no date has yet been appointed for the provision itself to come into force, only prospective versions of it will appear. There may also be prospective versions of higher levels of division, as for successive versions.


Prospective versions have no start date - if any date has been appointed, however far in the future, a successive version with a start date will appear. Because they have no start date, prospective versions will not usually be returned on any search (the exception being where only prospective versions of the provision exist), but they can be accessed via the attributes of the relevant provision.


You will be alerted to the fact that a prospective version exists only when you are viewing the attributes of a provision or other level of division, e.g. cross-heading, for which a prospective version has been created.  Where a prospective version exists a "P" icon will appear in place of the version number in the table of attributes.



Clicking on the "P" icon in the table of attributes will open the prospective version. When viewing a prospective version the "P" icon will appear in the left hand margin next to the Open level with attributes icon.




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