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Results within Legislation page

The 'Results within Legislation' page displays the contents of the legislation selected from the Matching legislation page.



The presentation of the 'Results within Legislation' page will indicate which provisions match your search criteria. Note that the system always assumes the following search criteria in Quick Search (and also uses them as the pre-filled default values in Advanced Search):



The 'Results within Legislation' page will normally list all provisions of the selected legislation, including those for which no version matches your search criteria. BUT NOTE that occasionally, in the case of pre-2003 legislation only, where a search has been made on a specified date in the past (or an “as enacted” search), some provisions in the legislation may be absent from the list. This is due to the way in which the documents are structured and the procedures used to transfer them from the old SLD system. It will only affect provisions for which no version matches your specified search date. All provisions should appear in any case where the search date is “today’s date”.


An entry in the list on the 'Results within Legislation' page will appear left-aligned and in bold type provided there is a version of the relevant provision that matches both your date and extent criteria (whether or not it also matches any other specified criteria). An entry will appear indented and in square brackets if there is no version of that provision that matches both date and extent criteria. For example, any provision that does not have a start date, or which has a start date later than your search date, will appear indented in square brackets.



If you scroll down the 'Results within Legislation' page it is likely that you will see one or more icons displayed to the left of the entries. These icons identify any provisions containing a match against criteria that you may have specified in an Advanced Search. For example, the entry below was obtained from search criteria that included a check in the Confers Power check box.


Example 'Results within legislation' page for the Naval Medical Compassionate Fund Act 1915 (c.28)


Here we see that a single provision (section 1) confers on someone the power to make subordinate legislation, as indicated by the blue square with 'CP' written in it to the left of this provision.


You can select any provision or other level of division to view its content. If you specify key words in the text field in an Advanced Search, any instances of matched key words are highlighted within the content. For example, the entry below was obtained from search criteria that included the exact phrase "Independence Day" in the Text box.


Example 'Results within legislation' page for the Kiribati Act 1979 (c.27)


If we look inside one of the provisions shown here, such as the first one titled Independence for Kiribati, we see the matching text from the 'Text' box highlighted in yellow.



If there is more than one instance of matching text within the document you have opened, clickable buttons will appear before and after the highlighted text to enable you to navigate to the 'next' or 'previous' instance.


To return to the 'Results within Legislation' page, select the 'Return to results within legislation' hyperlink near the top right-hand corner of the page, or use navigation options within your browser.



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