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Using the Title field

When you perform a Quick search or an Advanced search you can specify text that you want to search for in the title of the legislation by typing that text in the 'Title' field.


'Title' field on the Search bar and the Advanced search page


For instance, if you type prevention of terrorism in the 'Title' field for either the Quick search or the Advanced search, then select the 'Go' button (the one on the search bar for a Quick search or the one on the 'Advanced search' page for an 'Advanced search'), you would obtain these results:


Results for a search with the 'Title' field set to 'prevention of terrorism'


The rules for using the 'Title' field are the same as those for using the Text Search field, although many of these rules are more relevant to the 'Text Search' field than the 'Title' field because of the much greater quantity of text that the search engine needs to look through to locate what you want in a text search. See this table for a full range of options.


Here we shall concentrate on the strategies you are most likely to employ in the 'Title' field.


Let's say that you are trying to locate an Act that you know has something to do with the licensing of game, and that you think is called the Game Licensing Act or something along those lines. Because you are not sure about the 'licensing' part, which might be 'licence' or 'license', for instance, you could try using a multiple character wildcard. This wildcard character, identified by an asterisk (*), represents one or more characters that you don't know. So, you could type this in the 'Title' field:


game licen*


If you then select the Go button, you get this result:


'Matching legislation' page showing the single result, Game Licenses Act 1860


This is obviously the Act you are looking for. But let's say that you know the Act has a title of Game Licenses Act, but that you think the spelling might be Game Licences Act. In such a case you could use a single character wildcard instead. This wildcard character, identified by a question mark (?), represents a single character that you don't know. So, you could type this in the 'Title' field instead:


game licen?es


Of course, you get the same result as for the multiple character wildcard search.


A further alternative in this scenario is to try a 'fuzzy search'. A fuzzy search is where you are not sure of the spelling or exact representation of a word, so you insert the fuzzy search character, identified by a tilde (~) at the end of the word you're not sure of. In this case you might try this search in the 'Title' field:


game licences~


Again you get the same item of legislation returned.


If, though, you are certain of the title of a piece of legislation you are looking for, you can filter out close matches by enclosing the text you type in the 'Title' field in double quote characters ("), like this:


"game licenses act"



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