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        Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (c. 27)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        Part I General Provisions for Traffic Regulation
        Outside Greater London
        1. Traffic regulation orders outside Greater London.
        2. What a traffic regulation order may provide.
        3. Restrictions on traffic regulation orders.
        4. Provisions supplementary to ss. 2 and 3.
        5. Contravention of traffic regulation order.
        In Greater London
        6. Orders similar to traffic regulation orders.
        7. Supplementary provisions as to orders under s. 6.
        8. Contravention of order under s. 6.
        Experimental traffic schemes
        9. Experimental traffic orders.
        10. Supplementary provisions as to experimental traffic orders.
        11. Contravention of experimental traffic order.
        12. Experimental traffic schemes in Greater London.
        13. Contravention of regulations under s. 12.
        Temporary suspension
        13A. Temporary suspension of provisions under s. 6 or 9 orders.
        Part II Traffic Regulation in Special Cases
        14. Temporary prohibition or restriction on roads.
        15. Duration of orders and notices under s.14.
        16. Supplementary provisions as to orders and notices under s. 14.
        16A. Prohibition or restriction on roads in connection with certain events.
        16B. Restrictions on orders under s. 16A.
        16C. Supplementary provisions as to orders under s. 16A.
        17. Traffic regulation on special roads.
        17A. Further provisions as to special roads.
        18. One-way traffic on trunk roads.
        19. Regulation of use of highways by public service vehicles.
        20. Prohibition or restriction of use of vehicles on roads of certain classes.
        21. Permit for trailer to carry excess weight.
        22. Traffic regulation for special areas in the countryside. (S)
        22. Traffic regulation for special areas in the countryside. (E+W)
        22A. Traffic regulation on certain roads for purpose of conserving natural beauty.
        Part III Crossings and Playgrounds
        Pedestrian crossings
        23. Powers of local authorities with respect to pedestrian crossings on roads other than trunk roads.
        24. Pedestrian crossings on trunk roads.
        25. Pedestrian crossing regulations.
        School crossings
        26. Arrangements for patrolling school crossings.
        27. Expenses under s. 26 in metropolitan police district.
        28. Stopping of vehicles at school crossings. (S)
        28. Stopping of vehicles at school crossings. (E+W)
        Street playgrounds
        29. Power to prohibit traffic on roads to be used as playgrounds.
        31. Byelaws with respect to roads used as playgrounds.
        Part IV Parking Places
        Provision of off-street parking, and parking on roads without payment
        32. Power of local authorities to provide parking places.
        33. Additional powers of local authorities in connection with off-street parking places.
        34. Provision of access to premises through off-street parking place.
        35. Provisions as to use of parking places provided under s. 32 or 33.
        35A. Offences and proceedings in connection with parking places provided under s. 32 or 33.
        35B. Display of information.
        35C. Variation of charges at off-street parking places.
        36. Provisions as to authorising use of roads for parking.
        37. Extension of powers for purposes of general scheme of traffic control.
        38. Parking place to be used as bus or coach station.
        39. Supplementary provisions as to exercise of powers under ss. 32-35 in England or Wales.
        40. Acquisition of land: provisions as to parking places.
        41. Financial provisions relating to parking places.
        42. Provisions as to foreshore in Scotland.
        Control of off-street parking
        43. Control of off-street parking in Greater London.
        44. Control of off-street parking outside Greater London.
        Parking on highways for payment
        45. Designation of paying parking places on highways.
        46. Charges at, and regulation of, designated parking places.
        46A. Variation of charges at designated parking places.
        47. Offences relating to designated parking places.
        48. Acceptance of payment as bar to proceedings under s. 47.
        49. Supplementary provisions as to designation orders and designated parking places.
        50. . . .
        51. Parking devices for designated parking places.
        52. Offences and proceedings in connection with parking devices and associated apparatus.
        53. Designation orders outside Greater London.
        54. .
        55. Financial provisions relating to designation orders.
        56. Grants where parking place designated by Secretary of State.
        Provision of parking places by parish or community councils
        57. General powers of parish or community councils for provision of parking places.
        58. Consents for purposes of s. 57(1).
        59. Consents for, and provisions as to use of, parking places under s. 57(1)(b).
        60. Supplementary provisions relating to ss. 57-59.
        Special parking provisions
        61. Loading areas.
        62. Parking in Royal Parks.
        63. Stands and racks for bicycles.
        Parking attendants
        63A. Parking attendants.
        Part V Traffic Signs
        General provisions
        64. General provisions as to traffic signs.
        65. Powers and duties of highway authorities as to placing of traffic signs.
        66. Traffic signs for giving effect to local traffic regulations.
        67. Emergencies and temporary obstructions.
        68. Placing of traffic signs in connection with exercise of other powers.
        69. General provisions as to removal of signs.
        70. Default powers of Secretary of State as to traffic signs.
        71. Power to enter land in connection with traffic signs.
        Provisions as to Greater London
        73. Powers and duties of local traffic authorities in Greater London in respect of traffic signs.
        74. Affixing of traffic signs to walls.
        74A. London borough councils and the London traffic control system.
        74B. Transfer of traffic control systems between Secretary of State and Transport for London.
        74C. The traffic authority for traffic signs.
        75. Similar provisions applicable in City of London.
        76. Traffic signs in connection with experimental traffic schemes in London.
        Supplementary provisions
        77. Traffic signs: modifications as respects trunk roads.
        78. . . .
        79. Advances by Secretary of State towards expenses of traffic signs.
        80. References to highway authorities in Part V.
        Part VI Speed Limits
        81. General speed limit for restricted roads.
        82. What roads are restricted roads.
        83. Provisions as to directions under s. 82(2)
        84. Speed limits on roads other than restricted roads.
        85. Traffic signs for indicating speed restrictions.
        86. Speed limits for particular classes of vehicles.
        87. Exemption of fire brigade, ambulance and police vehicles from speed limits.
        88. Temporary speed limits.
        89. Speeding offences generally.
        90. . . .
        91. Interpretation of Part VI.
        Part VII Bollards and Other Obstructions
        92. Bollards and other obstructions outside Greater London.
        93. Powers of Secretary of State in relation to functions under s. 92.
        94. Bollards and other obstructions in Greater London.
        Part VIII Control and Enforcement
        Traffic wardens
        95. Appointment of traffic wardens.
        96. Additional powers of traffic wardens.
        97. Supplementary provisions as to traffic wardens.
        98. . . .
        Removal or immobilisation of vehicles
        99. Removal of vehicles illegally, obstructively or dangerously parked, or abandoned or broken down.
        100. Interim disposal of vehicles removed under s. 99.
        101. Ultimate disposal of vehicles abandoned and removeable under this Act.
        102. Charges for removal, storage and disposal of vehicles.
        103. Supplementary provisions as to removal of vehicles.
        104. Immobilisation of vehicles illegally parked.
        105. Exemptions from s. 104.
        106. Initial experimental period for immobilisation of vehicles.
        106A. Immobilisation of vehicles in London
        Enforcement of excess parking charges
        107. Liability of vehicle owner in respect of excess parking charge.
        108. Notice in respect of excess parking charge.
        109. Modifications of ss. 107 and 108 in relation to hired vehicles.
        110. Time for bringing, and evidence in, proceedings for certain offences.
        111. Supplementary provisions as to excess charges.
        Part IX Further Provisions as to Enforcement
        General provisions
        112. Information as to identity of driver or rider.
        113, 114. . . .
        115. Mishandling of parking documents and related offences.
        116. Provisions supplementary to s. 115.
        117. Wrongful use of disabled person's badge.
        118. . . .
        Special provisions relating to Scotland
        119. Aiding and abetting.
        120, 121. . . .
        Part X General and Supplementary Provisions
        121A. Traffic authorities.
        121B. London borough council exercising powers so as to affect another traffic authority's roads.
        121C. Functions of GLA under this Act to be exercisable by the Mayor.
        122. Exercise of functions by local authorities.
        122A. Prospective exercise of powers.
        123. . . .
        124. Provisions as to certain orders.
        124A. GLA side roads.
        124B. Orders of the Authority changing what are GLA side roads.
        124C. Certification and records of GLA side roads.
        126. Exercise of powers as respects part of width of road.
        128. Power to hold inquiries.
        129. General provisions as to inquiries.
        130. Application of Act to Crown.
        131. Application of road traffic enactments to Crown roads.
        132. Special provisions as to certain Crown roads.
        132A. Power of Secretary of State to extend provisions of this Act etc. to proposed roads in Scotland.
        132AA. Royal Parks or highways in London affected by proposals relating to the other.
        133. Vehicles used for marine salvage.
        134. Provisions as to regulations. (S)
        134. Provisions as to regulations. (E+W)
        135. Application of Act to Isles of Scilly.
        136. Meaning of"motor vehicle" and other expressions relating to vehicles. (S)
        136. Meaning of"motor vehicle" and other expressions relating to vehicles. (E+W)
        137. Supplementary provisions relating to s. 136.
        138. Meaning of"heavy commercial vehicle".
        139. Hovercraft.
        140. Certain vehicles not to be treated as motor vehicles.
        141. Tramcars and trolley vehicles.
        141A. Tramcars and trolley vehicles: regulations.
        142. General interpretation of Act.
        143. Saving for law of nuisance.
        144. Transitional provisions and savings.
        145. Commencement and temporary provisions.
        146. Amendments and repeals.
        147. Short title and extent.
        SCHEDULE 1 Matters as to which Orders can be made under Section 6
        SCHEDULE 2 Matters as to which Regulations can be made under Section 12
        SCHEDULE 3
        SCHEDULE 4 Control of Off-Street Parking
        Part I Provisions as to the Making of Regulations under Section 43
        Part II Revocation or Variation of Permanent Licence
        Part III Rights of Appeal
        Part IV Right to Compensation in Certain Circumstances
        Part V Permissible Periods of Unlicensed Operation of Parking Place
        SCHEDULE 5 Buildings in Relation to Which a Secretary of State is the Appropriate Authority for the Purposes of Section 74 (S)
        SCHEDULE 5 Buildings in Relation to Which a Secretary of State is the Appropriate Authority for the Purposes of Section 74 (E+W)
        SCHEDULE 6 Speed Limits for Vehicles of Certain Classes
        Part I Vehicles Fitted with Pneumatic Tyres on all Wheels(see application provisions below the following Table)
        Part II Vehicles (Other than Track-Laying Vehicles) not Fitted with Pneumatic Tyres on all Wheels
        Part III Track-Laying Vehicles(see application provisions below the following Table)
        Part IV Application and Interpretation
        SCHEDULE 7 . . .
        SCHEDULE 8 Statutory Statements (Excess Charges)
        Part I Statutory Statement of Ownership or Hiring
        [Part II Statutory Statement of Facts]
        Part III Interpretation
        SCHEDULE 9 Special Provisions as to certain Orders
        Part I Reserve Powers of Secretary of State
        Part II Consent of Secretary of State to Certain Orders
        Part III Procedure as to certain orders
        Part IV Variation or Revocation of Certain Orders
        PART V Consultation With Traffic Commissioners
        PART VI Validity of Certain Orders
        SCHEDULE 10 Transitional Provisions and Savings
        SCHEDULE 11 Provisions of This Act and Instruments Referred to in Section 144(2)
        SCHEDULE 12
        SCHEDULE 13 Consequential Amendments
        SCHEDULE 14 Repeals

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