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        The Quarries (Northern Ireland) Order 1983 (No. 150 (N.I. 4))
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        1. Title and commencement
        2. Interpretation
        Provisions as to safety
        3. General provisions as to safety
        {Art. 4 rep. by SR 1990/374}
        5. General provisions as to machinery
        {Art. 6 rep. by SR 1991/471}
        7. Restrictions on dangerous operations in quarries
        8. Observance of directions
        Regulations of tips and fencing of quarries
        9. Regulation of tips
        10. Fencing of quarries
        Provisions as to employment
        11. Employment of children and young persons
        12. Provisions as to wages
        {Art. 13 rep. by 1990 NI 2}
        14. Affixing of abstract of Order and notices
        15. General registers and records
        16. Notice of commencement, etc., to Department
        17. Notification of change of ownership, occupancy or name of quarry
        18. Returns by owners, occupiers or agents of quarries
        19. Special accident reports by inspector
        Legal proceedings
        20. Offences
        21. Defence available to owners, occupiers and agents
        22. Restriction on institution of proceedings
        23. Proceedings against persons other than owner, etc.
        24. Prosecution by inspectors
        25. Extension of time for bringing summary proceedings
        26. Evidence
        27. Power of court to adjourn
        28. Mode of service of documents
        {Article 29-Amendments and repeals}
        SCHEDULE 1
        SCHEDULE 2

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