Criminal Justice Act 1988
1988 c. 33 - continued

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Part X
Probation and the Probation Service, Etc.

Bail: hostel conditions.

        131.—(1)  In section 3 of the [1976 c. 63.] Bail Act 1976 (grant of bail) the following subsection shall be inserted after subsection (6)—
      "(6ZA)  Where he is required under subsection (6) above to reside in a bail hostel or probation hostel, he may also be required to comply with the rules of the hostel." .
    (2)  In paragraph 8 of Schedule 1 to that Act (restrictions on bail conditions) at the end of sub-paragraph (1) there shall be added the words "or, where the condition is that the defendant reside in a bail hostel or probation hostel, that it is necessary to impose it to assess his suitability for being dealt with for the offence in a way which would involve a period of residence in a probation hostel.".

Administration of the probation service etc.

        132.    The amendments specified in Schedule 11 to this Act, being miscellaneous amendments relating to the probation service and committees constituted in relation to it, shall have effect.
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