Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001
2001 Chapter 16 - continued

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  PART 4
Short title and chapterExtent of repeal
The Police Act 1996.
In section 12, subsections (4) to (6).
Section 13(2).
In Schedule 2-
(a) paragraph 10;
(b) in paragraph 16(1)(a), the words from "or a term" to "shorter"; and
(c) in paragraph 25(1), the words "and allowances".
In Schedule 2A, in paragraph 20-
(a) in sub-paragraph (1), the words "and allowances"; and
(b) sub-paragraph (2).
In Schedule 3-
(a) in each of paragraphs 2 and 9(a), the word "10"; and
(b) in paragraph 3, in sub-paragraph (1), the words "for a police area listed in Schedule 1" and the words from "or for a term" to "shorter", and sub-paragraph (1A).
The Police Act 1997 (c. 50).
In Schedule 2-
(a) paragraph 1(b) and the word "or" immediately preceding it;
(b) in paragraph 5(a), the words from "or a term" to "shorter"; and
(c) in paragraph 17, in sub-paragraph (1) the words "and allowances", and sub-paragraph (2).
The Greater London Authority Act 1999 (c. 29).
In Schedule 27, paragraph 106(5) and (6).
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