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2001 Chapter 16


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Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001

2001 Chapter 16


Part 1
Chapter 1
Offences to which this Chapter applies
1Offences leading to penalties on the spot

Penalty notices and penalties
2Penalty notices
3Amount of penalty and form of penalty notice
4Effect of penalty notice
5General restriction on proceedings
6Secretary of State's guidance

7Payment of penalty
8Registration certificates
9Registration of sums payable in default
10Enforcement of fines

11Interpretation of Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Alcohol consumption in designated public places
12Alcohol consumption in designated public places
13Designated public places
14Places which are not designated public places
15Effect of sections 12 to 14 on byelaws
16Interpretation of sections 12 to 15

Closure of certain licensed premises
17Closure of certain licensed premises due to disorder or disturbance
18Amendments consequential on section 17

Closure of unlicensed premises
19Closure notices
20Applications for closure orders
21Closure orders
22Termination of closure orders by constable or local authority
23Discharge of closure orders by the court
25Enforcement of closure orders
26Offences by body corporate
27Service of notices
28Sections 19 to 27: interpretation

Other provisions for combatting alcohol-related disorder
29Confiscation of alcohol containers from young persons
30Sale of intoxicating liquor to a person under eighteen
31Enforcement of certain offences relating to under-age drinking
32Drunkenness or disorder on licensed premises

Chapter 3
Travel restrictions on drug trafficking offenders
33Power to make travel restriction orders
34Meaning of "drug trafficking offence"
35Revocation and suspension of a travel restriction order
36Offences of contravening orders
37Saving for powers to remove a person from the United Kingdom

Use of controlled drugs
38Permitting use of controlled drugs on premises

Intimidating, harming and threatening witnesses etc.
39Intimidation of witnesses
40Harming witnesses etc.
41Relevant proceedings

Further provision about intimidation etc.
42Police directions stopping the harassment etc of a person in his home
43Malicious communications
44Collective harrassment
45Addresses of directors and secretaries of companies

Advertisements relating to prostitution
46Placing of advertisement relating to prostitution
47Application of section 46 by order to public structures

Local child curfew schemes
48Extension to older children
49Power for police to make schemes

Part 2
Additional powers of seizure
50Additional powers of seizure from premises
51Additional powers of seizure from the person
52Notice of exercise of power under s. 50 or 51

Return or retention of seized property
53Examination and return of property seized under s. 50 or 51
54Obligation to return items subject to legal privilege
55Obligation to return excluded and special procedure material
56Property seized by constables etc.
57Retention of seized items
58Person to whom seized property is to be returned

Remedies and safeguards
59Application to the appropriate judicial authority
60Cases where duty to secure arises
61The duty to secure
62Use of inextricably linked property

Construction of Part 2
64Meaning of "appropriate judicial authority"
65Meaning of "legal privilege"
66General interpretation of Part 2

Supplemental provisions of Part 2
67Application to customs officers
68Application to Scotland
69Application to powers designated by order
70Consequential applications and amendments of enactments

Part 3
Arrestable offences
71Arrestable offences
72Importation of indecent or obscene material

Detention and arrest
73Use of video and telephone links for decisions about detention
74Authorisation for delay in notifying arrest
75Use of video links for proceedings about Terrorism Act detention

Codes of practice
76Visual recording of interviews
77Codes of practice

Fingerprints and samples
78Taking fingerprints
79Authority for intimate searches
81Speculative searches
82Restriction on use and destruction of fingerprints and samples
83Provision for Northern Ireland corresponding to s. 82
84Amendment of Terrorism Act 2000 equivalent to s. 82

Persons authorised by the Secretary of State
85Power to apply 1984 Act provisions

Execution of process in other domestic jurisdictions
86Process for obtaining excluded and special procedure material

Part 4
The Central Police Training and Development Authority
87Establishment of the Authority
88Functions of the Authority
89Setting of objectives by the Secretary of State
90The Authority's annual objectives
91Setting of performance targets
92Training and development plans
93Inspections of the Authority
94Power to require reports from the Authority
95Annual reports
96Secretary of State's duty to promote efficiency etc. of Authority

Other provisions about training
97Regulations for police forces
98Directions after inspection identifies training needs
99Joint provision of training

Supplemental provisions in relation to police training
100Orders and regulations under Part 4
101Interpretation of Part 4
102Consequential amendments relating to police training
103Transitional arrangements relating to Authority's establishment etc.

Part 5
Police authorities etc.
105Political balance on police authorities
106Removal of age qualification for membership
107Payment of allowances to authority members etc.

Constitution of the Service Authorities for NCIS and NCS
108Number and appointment of members
109Transitional provision relating to section 108 etc

Financial provisions for NCIS Service Authority
110Preparation of budget statement by NCIS Service Authority
111Funding of NCIS Service Authority
112Duty of NCIS Service Authority to prepare accounts

Financial provisions for NCS Service Authority
113Preparation of budget statement by NCS Service Authority
114Funding of NCS Service Authority
115Duty of NCS Service Authority to prepare accounts

Director General and other members of NCIS
116Appointment of NCIS Director General
117Removal of NCIS members (other than the Director General)
118Removal of NCIS Director General, etc.

Director General and other members of NCS
119Appointment of NCS Director General
120Removal of NCS members (other than the Director General)
121Removal of NCS Director General etc.

Police ranks
122Deputy Assistant Commissioners of Police of the Metropolis
123Appointment and removal of deputy chief constables
124Power of deputy to exercise functions of chief constable
125Chief superintendents

Police pensions etc.
126Pensions for members of NCIS and NCS
127Pensions for ACPO staff

Minor and consequential amendments
128Amendments relating to NCIS and NCS

Part 6
Remands and committals
129Requirement to give reasons for granting or continuing bail
130Remands and committals to secure accommodation etc
131Monitoring of compliance with bail conditions
132Monitoring of compliance with conditions of non-secure remand
133Arrangements for detention in secure training centres

Criminal records
134Registration for criminal records purposes

135Ministerial expenditure etc
136General interpretation
138Short title, commencement and extent
    Schedule 1-Powers of seizure
    Part 1-Powers to which section 50 applies
    Part 2-Powers to which section 51 applies
    Part 3-Powers to which section 55 applies
    Schedule 2-Applications and minor and consequential amendments
    Part 1-Application of enactments
    Part 2-Minor and consequential amendments
    Schedule 3-The Central Police Training and Development Authority
    Schedule 4-Consequential amendments relating to police training
    Schedule 5-The Service Authorities for NCIS and NCS
    Part 1-Core Members
    Part 2-Other members of NCIS Service Authority
    Part 3-Other members of NCS Service Authority
    Part 4-General
    Schedule 6-Minor and consequential amendments relating to NCIS and NCS
    Part 1-The 1997 Act
    Part 2-Local government enactments relating to NCS Service Authority
    Part 3-Miscellaneous other enactments
    Schedule 7-Repeals and revocations
    Part 1-Provisions for combatting alcohol-related disorder
    Part 2-Fingerprints and samples
    Part 3-Police Training
    Part 4-Police Organisation
    Part 5-NCIS and NCS
    Part 6-Miscellaneous

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