Royal Arms Disability Discrimination Act 2005

2005 Chapter 13


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Disability Discrimination Act 2005

2005 Chapter 13


Public authorities
1Councillors and members of the Greater London Authority
2Discrimination by public authorities
3Duties of public authorities

5Application of sections 19 to 21 of the 1995 Act to transport vehicles
6Rail vehicles: application of accessibility regulations
7Rail vehicles: accessibility compliance certificates
8Rail vehicles: enforcement and penalties
9Recognition of disabled persons' badges issued outside Great Britain

Other matters
10Discriminatory advertisements
11Group insurance
12Private clubs etc.
13Discrimination in relation to letting of premises
14Power to modify or end small dwellings exemptions
15General qualifications bodies
16Improvements to let dwelling houses
17Generalisation of section 56 of the 1995 Act in relation to Part 3 claims
18Meaning of "disability"

19Minor and consequential amendments and repeals and revocation
20Short title, interpretation, commencement and extent

    Schedule 1-Minor and consequential amendments
    Part 1-Amendments of the 1995 Act
    Part 2-Amendments related to disabled persons' badges
    Part 3-Other amendments
    Schedule 2-Repeals and revocation

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