Housing Act 1996
1996 Chapter 52 - continued


Housing Act 1985 (c.68)
 1. In section 88(1) of the Housing Act 1985 (cases where the secure tenant is a successor) after paragraph (e) insert"or
    (f) the tenancy was previously an introductory tenancy and he was a successor to the introductory tenancy.".
 2. In section 104(2) of the Housing Act 1985 (provision of information about secure tenancies) for the words "on the grant of the tenancy" substitute "when the secure tenancy arises".
 3. After section 115 of the Housing Act 1985 insert-
"Meaning of "introductory tenancy".     115A. In this Part "introductory tenancy" has the same meaning as in Chapter I of Part V of the Housing Act 1996.".
 4. In section 117 of the Housing Act 1985 (index of defined expressions: Part IV) insert at the appropriate place-
"introductory tenancy
section 115A".
 5. In Schedule 1 to the Housing Act 1985 (tenancies which are not secure tenancies) after paragraph 1 insert-

"Introductory tenancies
 1A. A tenancy is not a secure tenancy if it is an introductory tenancy or a tenancy which has ceased to be an introductory tenancy-
    (a) by virtue of section 133(3) of the Housing Act 1996 (disposal on death to non-qualifying person), or
    (b) by virtue of the tenant, or in the case of a joint tenancy every tenant, ceasing to occupy the dwelling-house as his only or principal home.".
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Prepared 22 December 1996