The UK Statute Law Database

The UK Statute Law Database (SLD) is the official revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom made available online. For more information about SLD and what it contains see Help.

SLD made simple

With SLD you can:

view amended legislation as it has changed over time

the green "A" icon will reveal the "attributes" of the legislation (e.g. start date, extent) and let you move between versions

see how legislation will be affected by amendments not yet in force

the blue "P" icon indicates provisions, and versions of amended provisions, that have not yet been brought into force

see how legislation has been amended for different jurisdictions

the yellow "C" icon denotes provisions that have "concurrent versions" (e.g. one for England and Wales and another for Scotland)

navigate links between affecting and affected legislation

the purple arrow appears in affecting legislation against an amendment etc that has been applied and will take you to the affected legislation

search the text of legislation for words and phrases

when you complete a text search, the red star icon will appear in the results list to show you which provisions match your search criteria

You can find out more about these and other features of SLD in Help.


SLD Goes Public

SLD was released to the public on 20 December 2006. The staff of the UK Statutory Publications Offices would like to welcome all our new users. The content of SLD is available for viewing and private use free of charge, but please see the Crown Copyright notice for further information about re-use of the data.

2006 Primary Legislation

All 2006 primary legislation has now been published to the website with the exception of the Armed Forces Act 2006 (c. 52). Delivery of the electronic data for this Act was delayed due to its unusual structure. It is now ready for deployment and will be available on the site within the next two days. [Updated 7.2.2007]

Update Status of SLD

Work on bringing the text of SLD fully up to date is in progress. Please see Update Status of Legislation to find out how to determine the date to which your chosen legislation has been revised and how to obtain details of any effects that have not yet been applied to it.

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