Update status of legislation

Now that the new SLD system is fully operational, the editorial process of bringing the revised text of legislation on SLD up to date has resumed. Over the coming months, the outstanding revisions will be progressively applied to the database. While this work continues, this page explains how to determine the point in time to which any given item of legislation has been revised (its 'update status') and also how to obtain details of any effects that have not yet been applied.

The information on this page relates only to those types of legislation that are maintained on SLD in revised form. Those types are listed in Help under the title 'Legislation - Types of Legislation on SLD - Primary Legislation (Revised)'. They are referred to here simply as 'revised legislation'.

All revised legislation has been updated at least to the end of 2001 (and Northern Ireland statutes to the end of 2005).

There are approximately 4,000 items of revised legislation currently held on SLD and these have all been updated with any effects on them contained in legislation made or enacted at any time before the end of 2001 (or, in the case of Northern Ireland revised statutes, before the end of 2005).

The majority of these are also fully up to date.

Over half of all items of revised legislation on SLD already incorporate any effects on them contained in legislation made or enacted up to the present.

For the remainder there are still effects outstanding.

For a minority of the items of revised legislation on SLD there are effects in one or more of the years from 2002 to the current year that have not yet been applied.

You will be told of any outstanding effects when you access an item of legislation.

A warning notice will appear on the 'Results within legislation' page listing the years for which there are outstanding effects on that legislation. If no warning notice appears, you may assume that the legislation has been revised with any effects so far recorded (but see below on timescales for recording the effects of newly enacted legislation).

You can obtain lists of any outstanding effects.

The effects on legislation recorded for each of the years from 2002 to the current year are listed in the Tables of Legislative Effects. Taken together, SLD and the tables will enable you to obtain a complete picture of all the effects on any given item of revised legislation held on SLD to date (subject to the note below on the effects of newly enacted legislation). The tables will also tell you whether those effects have been applied to SLD. Please go to the tables for instructions on how to use them.

The effects of newly enacted legislation will be recorded soon after publication.

They will appear in the 'Tables of legislative effects' as soon as possible after the legislation is received from the publisher. Typically, the interval between publication and the effects appearing in the tables will be no more than two weeks. There will, however, be occasions when a longer interval will be unavoidable, for example when a large number of Acts have received the Royal Assent at the same time. In such circumstances an appropriate notice will appear in the 'Messages' section of the Homepage.

A small number of Acts have not yet been loaded onto the new SLD system.

There are currently about 40 Acts that we have been unable to load so far due to a variety of outstanding issues. As these issues are resolved, those Acts will be added to SLD. The outstanding Acts are listed in the table below.

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Year and Chapter Title
2001 c. 2 Capital Allowances Act 2001
2001 c. 10 Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
2000 c. 19 Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Act 2000
1998 c. 14 Social Security Act 1998
1996 c. 16 Police Act 1996
1996 c. 56 Education Act 1996
1995 c. 50 Disability Discrimination Act 1995
1995 c. 26 Pensions Act 1995
1995 c. 20 Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1995
1993 c. 48 Pension Schemes Act 1993
1992 c. 5 Social Security Administration Act 1992
1992 c. 4 Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992
1992 c. 12 Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992
1991 c. 57 Water Resources Act 1991
1991 c. 48 Child Support Act 1991
1990 c. 8 Town and Country Planning Act 1990
1990 c. 1 Capital Allowances Act 1990
1989 c. 15 Water Act 1989
1988 c.. 53 Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988
1988 c. 1 Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988
1986 c. 53 Building Societies Act 1986
1986 c. 45 Insolvency Act 1986
1985 c. 61 Administration of Justice Act 1985
1985 c. 6 Companies Act 1985
1982 c. 50 Insurance Companies Act 1982
1981 c. 63 Betting and Gaming Duties Act 1981
1980 c. 43 Magistrates' Courts Act 1980
1978 c. 44 Employment Protection (Consolidation) Act 1978
1978 c. 22 Domestic Proceedings and Magistrates' Courts Act 1978
1974 c. 40 Control of Pollution Act 1974
1974 c. 39 Consumer Credit Act 1974
1970 c. 9 Taxes Management Act 1970
1968 c. 73 Transport Act 1968
1966 c. 51 Local Government (Scotland) Act 1966
1964 c. 48 Police Act 1964
1955 c. 19 Air Force Act 1955
1955 c. 18 Army Act 1955