Tables of legislative effects

The tables list the repeals, amendments and other effects of legislation (primary and secondary) enacted from 2002 to the current year on the revised legislation held on SLD. A letter 'Y' against an entry in the column headed ‘Amendment Applied’ means that the effect has been carried through to SLD. [NOTE: the column headed "Type of Effect" has not been completed for the effects of 2002 legislation, other than commencement orders]

The effects of new legislation are added as soon as possible after it is received from the supplier. There may, however, be a delay of a few days between the legislation being published on the website and the effects of it appearing in these tables.

You may search the tables for the effects of only one year’s legislation at a time (e.g. 2003), but you may then narrow that search by entering in the appropriate boxes: the number of the affecting legislation; the year of the affected legislation; the number of the affected legislation; or any combination of these.

Help using the Tables of legislative effects