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Theft Act 1968 (c. 60)
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Version 2 of 2
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Commencement and transitional provisions.
(1) This Act shall come into force on the 1st January 1969 and, save as otherwise provided by this Act, shall have effect only in relation to offences wholly or partly committed on or after that date.
(2) [F1 Section 27 of this Act and section 148 of the Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000]shall apply in relation to proceedings for an offence committed before the commencement of this Act as they would apply in relation to proceedings for a corresponding offence under this Act, and shall so apply in place of any corresponding enactment repealed by this Act.
(3) Subject to subsection (2) above, no repeal or amendment by this Act of any enactment relating to procedure or evidence, or to the jurisdiction or powers of any court, or to the effect of a conviction, shall affect the operation of the enactment in relation to offences committed before the commencement of this Act or to proceedings for any such offence.
Amendments (Textual)
Words in s. 35(2) substituted (25.8.2000) by 2000 c. 6, ss. 165(1), 168, Sch. 9 para. 35

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