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I-notes - Commencement information

‘I’ stands for ‘In-force’. This annotation type contains information about the coming into force of a provision and will typically state whether it is partly or wholly in force, give the date or dates of commencement and cite relevant provisions of the Act and any commencing instruments.



As I-notes always relate to whole provisions (or higher levels of division), rather than to specific words, reference markers to them are not shown in the body of the text in order to reduce cluttering.


At present, I-notes are used only if there is some complexity in the commencement. If the provision came into force on one day for all purposes, no I-note will be created and the in-force date will be the same as the start date of the earliest version of the provision.


Northern Ireland Variations

In Northern Ireland revised legislation enacted prior to 2006, no commencement information is recorded against provisions being commenced and there are therefore no annotations equivalent to I-notes.



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