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Structure of Legislation

When you select an item of legislation from a Matching legislation page as a result of a Quick search or an Advanced search, or you select an item of legislation from a Chronological Index or A to Z Index page, you see the structure of that item of legislation on a Results within Legislation page.


Every document that you see on a Results within Legislation page contains legislation structured hierarchically according to the structure of the legislation itself. Most items of legislation are divided into two major segments:



This structure is described in detail in Main Body and Schedules.


Before the main body comes a set of introductory matter. In the case of an Act, this begins with the short title, followed by the long title, and then possibly some further introductory text, such as a preamble or words of enactment. The introductory matter is described in more detail in Titles and Introductory Text.


SLD displays the divisions of a whole item of legislation on the Results within Legislation page. You can then click on any one of these divisions to obtain the text that comprises that division. You may go straight to any desired provision (except in the Schedules, which can only be opened down to Part level from this point) or you can move down (and up again) through the levels of division in the hierarchy to locate the element of the legislation you want. See Opening and Viewing Legislation for further details.


The following pages contain a more detailed account of the structure of legislation on SLD and how to access the legislation:




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