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Tables of Legislative Effects

The tables of legislative effects list all repeals, amendments and other effects of legislation (primary and secondary) enacted from 2002 to the current year on the revised legislation held on SLD. The effects of new legislation are added as soon as possible after it is received from the publisher. (For further information about the timescales for recording the effects of new legislation, see the Update Status of Legislation facility.)


To view the Tables of legislative effects page, select the 'Tables of legislative effects' link from the navigation bar at the top of the page (or from the footer).



When you obtain this page, you will see that there are four fields and a 'Go' button on display beneath a set of general instructions.



The 'Year of affecting legislation' field is mandatory and you may select just one of the available years at a time using the drop-down list. The other three fields are all optional. Complete these as required and then select the 'Go' button to generate the table.


For instance, in the illustration below we have filled in all of the four fields.



The results will be displayed 50 to a page in ascending order ranked as follows: year of affected legislation; number of affected legislation; affected provision (letters then numbers); number of affecting legislation (year is fixed); affected provision (letters then numbers). If there are more than 50 results, you can move through the pages using the page navigation facility displayed at the top and bottom of the table. This facility is described more fully in Working with Search Results.


For each entry, the type of effect is shown and any relevant additional information is displayed in the 'Notes' column. (But note that the 'Type of Effect' column has not been completed for the effects of 2002 legislation, other than commencement orders.)



A letter 'Y' against an entry in the column headed 'Amendment Applied' means that the effect has been carried through to SLD.


You may notice that the style of the series numbers of certain legislation types as shown in the tables of legislative effects differs from the style used elsewhere on SLD. For example, the Statutory Instrument S.I. 2005/3523 appears in the table as 2005 SI3523. This is because of the way in which the table is compiled to facilitate sorting.



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