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Working with Search Results

When you perform a successful Quick search or Advanced search, SLD returns all the items of legislation that match the search criteria on a particular type of page, the Matching legislation page.



As you can see from the example 'Matching legislation' page above, each item of legislation that matches the criteria has its title displayed as a hyperlink in a table of results. You can click on any of these hyperlinks to obtain the structure of the legislation itself on another type of page, the Results within Legislation page.


In this case, there are only three results on one page. The maximum number of results to a page, however, is 50. If your search returns more than 50 results you can navigate through the pages using the page navigation facility appearing at the top and bottom of the table. This consists of four buttons and a field containing the current page number in the centre. The buttons, reading from left to right, will take you to: the ‘first’ page; the ‘previous’ page; the ‘next’ page; and the ‘last’ page. Alternatively, you can go straight to a specific page number by typing that number in the central number field and pressing the enter (return) key on your keyboard. An identical facility appears on any page on SLD containing a table of results similar to the above.



Note that the system will never return more than 500 results on any search. If there are more than 500 results, this will be indicated in the text at the top of the page (e.g. ‘your search produced 850 results of which 500 are displayed below’). If you do not find what you are looking for in the results displayed, you will need to narrow your search so as to produce fewer results.



The 'Results within Legislation' page shows the constituent elements of the legislation as hyperlinks, each of which you can click in order to see that particular element.


For instance, in the example above you could click on '5. Short title, commencement and extent' to obtain these details:



Notice that there is an icon to the left of the legislation text (this one is the Open level with attributes icon, which takes you directly to the table of attributes when you click it). There are a number of icons that might appear on this type of page, all of which are described in Icons.


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