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        London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006 (c. 12)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        1 Interpretation of principal terms
        [2 Alteration of Olympic documents]
        The Olympic Delivery Authority
        3 Establishment
        4 General functions
        5 Planning
        [6 Security]
        [7 Street lighting and cleaning]
        [8 Transfer schemes]
        [9 Dissolution]
        [ Transport]
        [10 Olympic Transport Plan]
        [11 Olympic Route Network]
        [12 Co-operation]
        [13 Functions affecting London Olympics]
        [14 Traffic regulation orders]
        [15 Traffic regulation orders: enforcement]
        [16 Road closures]
        [17 Office of Rail Regulation]
        [18 Interpretation]
        [ Advertising]
        [19 Advertising regulations]
        [20 Regulations: supplemental]
        [21 Offence]
        [22 Enforcement: power of entry]
        [23 Role of Olympic Delivery Authority]
        [24 Local planning authorities]
        [ Trading]
        [25 Street trading, &c.]
        [26 Section 25: supplemental]
        [27 Offence]
        [28 Enforcement: power of entry]
        [29 Role of Olympic Delivery Authority]
        [30 Other authorities]
        [31 Sale of tickets]
        32 Olympic Symbol etc. (Protection) Act 1995
        33 London Olympics association right
        34 Greater London Authority: powers
        35 Section 34: supplemental
        36 Regional development agencies
        37 Scotland
        38 Northern Ireland
        [39 Offences: arrest]
        40 Commencement and duration
        41 Extent and application
        42 Short title
        SCHEDULE 1 The Olympic Delivery Authority
        Part 1 Constitution
        Part 2 Proceedings
        Part 3 Money
        [SCHEDULE 2 Transfer Schemes]
        SCHEDULE 3 Olympic Symbol Protection
        SCHEDULE 4 London Olympics Association Right

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