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Update Status Warning: There are effects on this legislation that have not yet been applied to the Statute Law Database for the following year(s): 2006. Please see the Tables of legislative effects for details. See also important information in Update status of legislation.

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        Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (c. 13)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [ Appeals]
        [1 Variation of leave to enter or remain]
        [2 Removal]
        [3 Grounds of appeal]
        [4 Entry clearance]
        [5 Failure to provide documents]
        [6 Refusal of leave to enter]
        [7 Deportation]
        [8 Legal aid]
        [9 Abandonment of appeal]
        [10 Grants]
        [11 Continuation of leave]
        [12 Asylum and human rights claims: definition]
        [13 Appeal from within United Kingdom: certification of unfounded claim]
        [14 Consequential amendments]
        [ Employment]
        [15 Penalty]
        [16 Objection]
        [17 Appeal]
        [18 Enforcement]
        [19 Code of practice]
        [20 Orders]
        [21 Offence]
        [22 Offence: bodies corporate, &c.]
        [23 Discrimination: code of practice]
        [24 Temporary admission, &c.]
        [25 Interpretation]
        [26 Repeal]
        [ Information]
        [27 Documents produced or found]
        [28 Fingerprinting]
        [29 Attendance for fingerprinting]
        [30 Proof of right of abode]
        [31 Provision of information to immigration officers]
        [32 Passenger and crew information: police powers]
        [33 Freight information: police powers]
        [34 Offence]
        [35 Power of Revenue and Customs to obtain information]
        [36 Duty to share information]
        [37 Information sharing: code of practice]
        [38 Disclosure of information for security purposes]
        [39 Disclosure to law enforcement agencies]
        [40 Searches: contracting out]
        [41 Section 40: supplemental]
        [42 Information: embarking passengers]
        [ Claimants and applicants]
        [43 Accommodation]
        [44 Failed asylum-seekers: withdrawal of support]
        [45 Integration loans]
        [46 Inspection of detention facilities]
        [47 Removal: persons with statutorily extended leave]
        [48 Removal: cancellation of leave]
        [49 Capacity to make nationality application]
        [50 Procedure]
        [51 Fees]
        [52 Fees: supplemental]
        [ Miscellaneous]
        [53 Arrest pending deportation]
        [54 Refugee Convention: construction]
        [55 Refugee Convention: certification]
        [56 Deprivation of citizenship]
        [57 Deprivation of right of abode]
        [58 Acquisition of British nationality, &c.]
        [59 Detained persons: national minimum wage]
        [60 Money]
        [61 Repeals]
        62 Commencement
        63 Extent
        64 Citation
        [SCHEDULE 1 Immigration and Asylum Appeals: Consequential Amendments]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Fees: Consequential Amendments]
        [SCHEDULE 3 Repeals]

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