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Update Status Warning: There are effects on this legislation that have not yet been applied to the Statute Law Database for the following year(s): 2006. Please see the Tables of legislative effects for details. See also important information in Update status of legislation.

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        Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 (c. 16)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 Natural England and the Commission for Rural Communities]
        [Chapter 1 Natural England]
        [ Constitution and general purpose]
        [1 Constitution]
        [2 General purpose]
        [ Advisory functions]
        [3 Review and research]
        [4 Advice]
        [ General implementation powers]
        [5 Carrying out proposals etc.]
        [6 Financial and other assistance]
        [7 Management agreements]
        [8 Experimental schemes]
        [ Other functions]
        [9 Information services etc.]
        [10 Consultancy services and training]
        [11 Power to charge for services and licences]
        [12 Power to bring criminal proceedings]
        [13 Incidental powers]
        [ Powers of Secretary of State]
        [14 Grants]
        [15 Guidance]
        [16 Directions]
        [Chapter 2 Commission for Rural Communities]
        [ The Commission and its general purpose]
        [17 Commission for Rural Communities]
        [18 Commissions general purpose]
        [ Functions]
        [19 Representation, advice and monitoring]
        [20 Research]
        [21 Information services etc.]
        [22 Power to charge for services]
        [23 Incidental powers]
        [ Powers of Secretary of State]
        [24 Grants]
        [25 Directions]
        [Chapter 3 Supplementary]
        [ Transfer schemes etc.]
        [26 Transfers on dissolution of English Nature and Countryside Agency]
        [27 Continuing powers to make transfer schemes]
        [28 Transfer schemes: supplementary]
        [29 Interim arrangements]
        [ Interpretation]
        [30 Interpretation]
        [Part 2 Nature conservation in the UK]
        [ Joint Nature Conservation Committee etc.]
        [31 Joint Nature Conservation Committee]
        [32 UK conservation bodies]
        [33 Purpose of functions under this Part]
        [ Coordinated functions]
        [34 Functions of national or international significance]
        [35 Advice from joint committee to UK conservation body]
        [36 GB functions with respect to wildlife]
        [37 UK conservation bodies: incidental powers for UK purposes, etc.]
        [ Directions]
        [38 Directions]
        [ Interpretation]
        [39 Interpretation]
        [Part 3 Wildlife etc.]
        [ Biodiversity]
        [40 Duty to conserve biodiversity]
        [41 Biodiversity lists and action (England)]
        [42 Biodiversity lists and action (Wales)]
        [ Pesticides harmful to wildlife]
        [43 Possession of pesticides harmful to wildlife]
        [44 Enforcement powers in connection with pesticides]
        [45 Codes of practice]
        [46 Interpretation]
        [ Protection of birds]
        [47 Protection for nests of certain birds which re-use their nests]
        [48 Birds released into the wild as part of re-population programme]
        [49 Registration etc. of certain captive birds]
        [ Invasive non-native species]
        [50 Sale etc. of invasive non-native species]
        [51 Codes of practice in connection with invasive non-native species]
        [ Enforcement etc. of provisions relating to wildlife]
        [52 Enforcement powers in connection with wildlife]
        [53 Wildlife offences: time limits for proceedings]
        [54 Application of Part 1 of 1981 Act to Crown]
        [Part 4 Sites of special scientific interest]
        [55 Offences in connection with SSSIs]
        [56 Denotification]
        [57 Effect of failure to serve certain notices in connection with SSSIs]
        [58 Notices and signs relating to SSSIs]
        Part 5 National Parks and the Broads
        59 Criteria for designating National Parks
        [60 Procedure for orders designating National Parks]
        [61 Members of National Park authorities]
        [62 Expenditure by National Parks authorities]
        [63 Notification of agricultural operations on moor and heath in National Parks]
        [64 Functions of Broads Authority and others in relation to the Broads]
        [65 Emergency financial assistance]
        [Part 6 Rights of way]
        [ Rights of way and mechanically propelled vehicles]
        [66 Restriction on creation of new public rights of way]
        [67 Ending of certain existing unrecorded public rights of way]
        [68 Presumed dedication of restricted byways and use by pedal cycles etc.]
        [69 Presumed dedication and applications under section 53(5) of the 1981 Act]
        [70 Supplementary]
        [71 Interpretation]
        [ Traffic regulation in National Parks]
        [72 Traffic regulation on byways etc. in National Parks]
        [Part 7 Inland waterways]
        [73 Inland Waterways Advisory Council]
        [74 Constitution of Council]
        [75 Term of office, procedure etc.]
        [76 Functions of Council: England and Wales]
        [77 Functions of Council: Scotland]
        [Part 8 Flexible administrative arrangements]
        [Chapter 1 Agreements with designated bodies]
        [ Powers to enter into agreements]
        [78 Agreement between Secretary of State and designated body]
        [79 Agreement between designated bodies]
        [80 Designated bodies]
        [81 Reserved functions]
        [82 Maximum duration of agreement]
        [ Supplementary]
        [83 Particular powers]
        [84 Agreements with local authorities]
        [85 Supplementary provisions with respect to agreements]
        [86 Interpretation]
        [Chapter 2 Powers to reform agricultural etc. bodies]
        [ Power to create boards]
        [87 Power to establish boards]
        [88 Permissible purposes of boards]
        [89 Permissible functions of boards]
        [90 Ancillary provisions]
        [ Power to dissolve existing levy bodies and boards]
        [91 Power to dissolve existing levy bodies]
        [92 Power to dissolve board]
        [93 Dissolution: supplementary]
        [ Powers of appropriate authority]
        [94 Grants]
        [95 Directions]
        [ Supplementary]
        [96 "The appropriate authority"]
        [97 Orders: procedure etc.]
        [Chapter 3 Financial assistance]
        [98 Financial assistance]
        Part 9 Miscellaneous
        99 Natural beauty in the countryside
        100 Byelaws relating to land drainage
        [101 Abolition of certain agricultural etc. committees]
        Part 10 Final provisions
        102 Crown land
        103 Wales
        104 Power to make further provision
        [105 Minor and consequential amendments etc.]
        106 Financial provisions
        107 Commencement
        108 Extent
        109 Short title
        [SCHEDULE 1 Natural England]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Commission for Rural Communities]
        [SCHEDULE 3 Transfer schemes]
        [SCHEDULE 4 Joint Nature Conservation Committee]
        [SCHEDULE 5 Enforcement powers in connection with wildlife]
        [Part 1 Amendments of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981]
        [Part 2 Powers of wildlife inspectors extended to certain other Acts]
        [Part 3 Codes of practice]
        [Part 4 Constables search warrant power extended to certain other Acts]
        [SCHEDULE 6 Wildlife offences: time limits for proceedings]
        [SCHEDULE 7 Designated bodies ]
        [SCHEDULE 8 Agricultural etc. boards]
        [SCHEDULE 9 Functions which may be assigned to boards]
        [SCHEDULE 10 Ancillary provisions relating to boards]
        [SCHEDULE 11 Minor and consequential amendments]
        [Part 1 General]
        [Part 2 Inland waterways]
        [SCHEDULE 12 Repeals and revocations]

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