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        Local Electoral Administration and Registration Services (Scotland) Act 2006 (asp 14)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 Local government elections]
        [ Performance of returning officers in relation to elections etc.]
        [1 Setting of performance standards]
        [2 Returns and reports on performance standards]
        [3 Provision of information about expenditure on elections]
        [4 Correction of procedural errors]
        [ Access to election documents]
        [5 Access to election documents]
        [6 Access to election documents: contravention of regulations]
        [7 Access to election documents: supplementary]
        [ Observers]
        [8 Observers: individuals]
        [9 Observers: organisations]
        [10 Attendance of observers]
        [11 Code of practice on attendance of observers at elections etc.]
        [ False information]
        [12 False information in applications relating to absent voting]
        [13 False information in nomination papers etc.]
        [ Offences relating to voting]
        [14 Undue influence]
        [15 Offences relating to applications for postal and proxy votes]
        [ Election expenses]
        [16 Prohibition of expenses not authorised by election agent]
        [17 Meaning of election expenses for the purposes of the 1983 Act]
        [18 Financial limits applying to candidates' election expenses]
        [19 Return as to election expenses]
        [ Anonymous entries]
        [20 Anonymous registration: miscellaneous amendments]
        [ Personal identifiers]
        [21 Absent vote applications: provision of personal identifiers]
        [22 Provision of fresh signatures]
        [23 Disclosure of personal identifiers]
        [24 Power to require existing absent voters to provide personal identifiers]
        [ Photographs on ballot papers: piloting]
        [25 Photographs on ballot papers: piloting]
        [ Encouraging electoral participation]
        [26 Encouraging electoral participation]
        [ Miscellaneous]
        [27 Tendered votes in certain circumstances]
        [28 Election campaigns and proceedings: miscellaneous amendments]
        [29 Details to appear on election publications]
        [30 Repeal of reference to Maundy Thursday]
        [31 Translations etc. of certain documents]
        [32 Certain voters entitled to vote in person]
        [33 Power to make regulations as to preparation of special lists and records etc.]
        [34 Miscellaneous amendments]
        [ General]
        [35 Part 1: minor and consequential modifications]
        [36 Interpretation of Part 1]
        [Part 2 Registration services]
        [ Reorganisation of local registration services]
        [37 Registration districts and authorities]
        [38 Registration offices: opening times]
        [ Registration of births and deaths]
        [39 Registration of births]
        [40 Registration of still-births]
        [41 Re-registration of births]
        [42 Registration of deaths]
        [ Registration information]
        [43 Registers kept by district registrars]
        [44 Indexing of registers and provision of registration information]
        [45 Correction of errors in registers]
        [46 Recording change of name or surname]
        [ Other amendments of the 1965 Act]
        [47 Other amendments of the 1965 Act]
        [ Marriages and civil partnerships: procedure]
        [48 Marriage procedure: marriages at sea]
        [49 Marriage procedure: miscellaneous amendments]
        [50 Marriage procedure: electronic communications]
        [51 Civil partnership procedure: registrations at sea]
        [52 Civil partnership procedure: miscellaneous amendments]
        [53 Provision of information about civil partnerships for certain purposes: fees]
        [ Recording of events relating to persons outwith Scotland]
        [54 Recording of certain events in Book of Scottish Connections]
        [55 Keeping of, and access to, the Book of Scottish Connections]
        [ Other provisions about information held by Registrar General]
        [56 Provision of registration information to public bodies and office-holders]
        [57 Keeping of central register for health and local authority purposes]
        [58 Issuing of other material kept or held by Registrar General]
        [ General]
        [59 Part 2: minor and consequential modifications]
        [60 Interpretation of Part 2]
        Part 3 General
        61 Orders and regulations
        62 Ancillary provision
        63 Short title and commencement
        [SCHEDULE 1 Schedule to be inserted before Schedule 5 to the 1983 Act]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Part 1: minor and consequential modifications]

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