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        Identity Cards Act 2006 (c. 15)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [ Registration]
        [1 The National Identity Register]
        [2 Individuals entered in Register]
        [3 Information recorded in Register]
        [4 Designation of documents for purposes of registration etc.]
        [5 Applications relating to entries in Register]
        [ ID cards]
        [6 Issue etc. of ID cards]
        [7 ID cards for those compulsorily registered]
        [8 Functions of persons issuing designated documents]
        [ Maintaining accuracy of Register etc.]
        [9 Power to require information for validating Register]
        [10 Notification of changes affecting accuracy of Register]
        [11 Invalidity and surrender of ID cards]
        [ Provision of information from Register for verification purposes etc.]
        [12 Provision of information for verification or otherwise with consent]
        [ Required identity checks]
        [13 Power to make public services conditional on identity checks]
        [14 Procedure for regulations under s. 13]
        [15 Power to provide for checks on the Register]
        [16 Prohibition on requirements to produce identity cards]
        [ Other purposes for which registered information can be provided]
        [17 Public authorities etc.]
        [18 Prevention and detection of crime]
        [19 Correcting inaccurate or incomplete information]
        [20 Power to authorise provision of information in other circumstances]
        [21 Rules for providing information without individual's consent]
        [ Supervision of operation of Act]
        [22 Appointment of National Identity Scheme Commissioner]
        [23 Reports by Commissioner]
        [24 Jurisdiction of Intelligence Services Commissioner and Tribunal]
        [ Offences]
        [25 Possession of false identity documents etc.]
        [26 Identity documents for the purposes of s. 25]
        [27 Unauthorised disclosure of information]
        [28 Providing false information]
        [29 Tampering with the Register etc.]
        [30 Amendments relating to offences]
        [ Civil penalties]
        [31 Imposition of civil penalties]
        [32 Objection to penalty]
        [33 Appeals against penalties]
        [34 Code of practice on penalties]
        Fees and charges
        [35 Fees in respect of functions carried out under Act]
        36 Amendment of Consular Fees Act 1980
        [37 Report to Parliament about likely costs of ID cards scheme]
        Provisions relating to passports
        38 Verifying information provided with passport applications etc.
        [39 Amendments of legislation relating to passports]
        [40 Orders and regulations]
        [41 Expenses of Secretary of State]
        [42 General interpretation]
        [43 Scotland]
        44 Short title, repeals, commencement, transitory provision and extent
        [SCHEDULE 1 Information that may be recorded in Register]
        SCHEDULE 2 Repeals

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