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Update Status Warning: There are effects on this legislation that have not yet been applied to the Statute Law Database for the following year(s): 2006. Please see the Tables of legislative effects for details. See also important information in Update status of legislation.

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        Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006 (asp 10)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 Police]
        [Chapter 1 The Scottish Police Services Authority]
        [ The Scottish Police Services Authority]
        [1 Establishment of the Scottish Police Services Authority]
        [2 Duty to establish and maintain the Agency]
        [3 Duty to provide the police support services]
        [4 Strategic priorities of the Authority]
        [5 Objectives of the Authority]
        [6 Annual plans of the Authority]
        [7 Annual reports of the Authority]
        [8 Provision of information to the Scottish Ministers]
        [9 Liability for wrongful acts of certain persons seconded to the Authority]
        [10 Grants]
        [11 Charges by the Authority and other receipts]
        [ The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency]
        [12 Members of the Agency]
        [13 Strategic priorities of the Agency]
        [14 Annual plans of the Agency]
        [15 Annual reports of the Agency]
        [16 General functions of Director General of the Agency]
        [17 Powers of the Agency]
        [18 Scottish Ministers power to modify section 17]
        [19 Disclosure of information by the Agency]
        [20 Disclosure of information to the Agency]
        [21 Direction by Director General of the Agency]
        [22 Liability for wrongful acts of police members of the Agency]
        [23 Regulations relating to the Agency]
        [ The police support services]
        [24 The police support services: modification by order]
        [25 Use of the police support services]
        [ Inspections]
        [26 Inspections of the Authority's services and the Agency]
        [27 Inspections of the Authority at request of the Scottish Ministers]
        [28 Reports on inspections: powers of the Scottish Ministers]
        [29 Revision of inadequate action plan]
        [ Miscellaneous and general]
        [30 Directions]
        [31 Transfer of staff, property etc.]
        [32 Interpretation of Chapter 1]
        [Chapter 2 Complaints and misconduct]
        [ The Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland]
        [33 The Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland]
        [ Supervision of complaints]
        [34 "Relevant complaint" and "person serving with the police"]
        [35 Examination of manner of handling of complaint]
        [36 Duty of Commissioner not to proceed with certain complaint handling reviews]
        [37 Appointment of person to reconsider complaint]
        [38 Reconsideration of complaint: duties to keep persons informed]
        [39 Power of Commissioner to discontinue reconsideration]
        [40 Final reports on reconsideration]
        [41 Appropriate authority in relation to a complaint]
        [ Other functions]
        [42 General functions of the Commissioner]
        [43 Reports to the Scottish Ministers]
        [44 Provision of information to the Commissioner]
        [45 Power of Commissioner to issue guidance]
        [46 Disclosure of information by and to the Commissioner]
        [ Supplementary]
        [47 Interpretation of Chapter 2]
        [Chapter 3 Other provisions]
        [48 Allowances payable to special constables]
        [49 Appointments of assistant inspectors of constabulary and staff officers]
        [50 Constables engaged on service outside their force]
        [Part 2 Public order etc.]
        [Chapter 1 Football banning orders]
        [ Making and content of orders]
        [51 Making of order on conviction of a football-related offence]
        [52 Making of order on application to the sheriff]
        [53 Content of order]
        [54 Section 53: supplementary]
        [55 "Football matches" and "regulated football matches"]
        [56 "Violence" and "disorder"]
        [ Variation, termination, information and appeals]
        [57 Variation of certain requirements of order]
        [58 Termination of order]
        [59 Information about making, varying or terminating order etc.]
        [60 Appeals]
        [ Enforcement of order in relation to foreign matches]
        [61 Foreign matches: reporting and other requirements]
        [62 Notices under section 61(4): further provision]
        [63 Sections 61 and 62: guidance]
        [64 Exemption from notice served under section 61(4)]
        [65 Section 64: supplementary]
        [66 Suspension of reporting requirements]
        [ Miscellaneous and general]
        [67 Service of documents]
        [68 Offences under this Chapter]
        [69 Interpretation of Chapter 1]
        [Chapter 2 Public processions]
        [70 Notification of public processions]
        [71 Powers and duties of local authorities]
        [72 Minor amendments of 1982 Act]
        [Chapter 3 Other provisions]
        [ Offensive weapons]
        [73 Increase in maximum term of imprisonment for certain offences]
        [74 Amendment of requirements for exercise of certain powers of arrest]
        [75 Sale of knives and articles with blade or point to young persons]
        [ Fireworks]
        [76 Possession of prohibited fireworks: powers of search and arrest]
        [ Control of sex offenders]
        [77 Powers to take data and samples from persons subject to notification requirements]
        [78 Sex offender notification requirements]
        [79 Information about release: power to require giving of specified information]
        [80 Police powers of entry to and examination of relevant offender's home address]
        [Part 3 Criminal justice]
        [ Powers in relation to suspects and witnesses]
        [81 Power to require giving of certain information in addition to name and address]
        [82 Power to take fingerprints to establish identity of suspect]
        [ Retention of samples etc.: prosecutions for sexual and violent offences]
        [83 Retention of samples etc.: prosecutions for sexual and violent offences]
        [ Arrested persons: drug testing and reference for assessment]
        [84 Testing of arrested persons for Class A drugs]
        [85 Assessment following positive test under section 20A of the 1995 Act]
        [86 Requirements under section 85: supplementary]
        [87 Date, time and place of assessment]
        [88 Failure to comply with requirements under sections 85 and 86]
        [89 Guidance for the purposes of sections 85 to 88]
        [90 Interpretation of sections 85 to 88]
        [ Offenders assisting investigations and prosecutions]
        [91 Assistance by offender: reduction in sentence]
        [92 Assistance by offender: review of sentence]
        [93 Proceedings under section 92: exclusion of public]
        [94 Section 92: further provision]
        [95 Sentencing: consideration of undisclosed information]
        [96 Appeals etc.: undisclosed information]
        [ Conditional immunity from prosecution]
        [97 Investigation and prosecution of crime: conditional immunity from prosecution]
        [ Enforcement of Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967]
        [98 Enforcement of Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967]
        Part 4 General
        99 Meanings of "the 1967 Act", "the 1995 Act" and "the 2003 Act"
        100 Equal opportunities
        [101 Modifications of enactments]
        102 Ancillary provision
        103 Subordinate legislation
        104 Commencement
        105 Short title
        [SCHEDULE 1 The Scottish Police Services Authority]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Membership of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency]
        [SCHEDULE 3 Transfers of staff and property]
        [Part 1 Staff transfers to the Authority and the Agency]
        [Part 2 Transfer of property, rights and liabilities to the Authority]
        [SCHEDULE 4 The Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland]
        [SCHEDULE 5 Section 53(2)(b): Relevant events etc.]
        [SCHEDULE 6 Modifications of enactments]
        [Part 1 Acts]
        [Part 2 Subordinate legislation]

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