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Update Status Warning: There are effects on this legislation that have not yet been applied to the Statute Law Database for the following year(s): 2006. Please see the Tables of legislative effects for details. See also important information in Update status of legislation.

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        Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 (asp 11)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 Animal health]
        [ Powers of slaughter]
        [1 Slaughter for preventing spread of disease]
        [2 Slaughter of treated animals]
        [3 Disease control (slaughter) statement]
        [ Prevention of the spread of disease]
        [4 Biosecurity codes]
        [5 Tests and samples]
        [6 Animal gatherings]
        [7 Treatment]
        [8 Seizure of carcases etc.]
        [9 Specified diseases]
        [ Deliberate infection of animals]
        [10 Deliberate infection of animals]
        [ Particular provision for TSE]
        [11 Livestock genotypes: specification, breeding and slaughter]
        [ Miscellaneous]
        [12 Powers of entry etc.]
        [13 Inspection of vehicles]
        [14 Penalties and time limits]
        [15 Electronic communication]
        [Part 2 Animal welfare]
        [ Introductory]
        [16 Animals to which this Part applies]
        [17 Protected animals]
        [18 Responsibility for animals]
        [ Prevention of harm]
        [19 Unnecessary suffering]
        [20 Mutilation]
        [21 Cruel operations]
        [22 Administration of poisons etc.]
        [23 Animal fights]
        [ Promotion of welfare]
        [24 Ensuring welfare of animals]
        [25 Care notices]
        [26 Provision for securing welfare]
        [27 Licensing etc. of activities involving animals]
        [28 Prohibition on keeping certain animals]
        [29 Abandonment]
        [30 Sale of animals to children]
        [31 Offering animals as prizes]
        [ Animals in distress]
        [32 Taking possession of animals]
        [33 Release orders where animals taken]
        [34 Disposal orders where animals taken]
        [35 Resort to destruction of animals]
        [ Welfare bodies, codes and guidance]
        [36 Animal welfare bodies]
        [37 Animal welfare codes]
        [38 Animal welfare guidance]
        [ Post-conviction orders]
        [39 Deprivation orders]
        [40 Disqualification orders]
        [41 Seizure orders where disqualification breached]
        [42 Termination or variation of disqualification]
        [43 Appeals against orders]
        [ Offences and penalties]
        [44 Proceedings for animal fighting offences]
        [45 Offences by bodies corporate etc.]
        [46 Penalties for offences]
        [ Exclusions from application of this Part]
        [47 Exclusions]
        [ Miscellaneous]
        [48 Suffering]
        [49 Vets, inspectors and constables]
        [50 Premises]
        [51 Regulations]
        Part 3 General
        [52 Modification of enactments]
        53 Ancillary provision
        54 Crown application
        55 Commencement and short title
        [SCHEDULE 1 Powers of inspectors and constables for Part 2]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Modification of enactments]

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