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        Consumer Credit Act 2006 (c. 14)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [ Agreements regulated under the 1974 Act etc.]
        [1 Definition of "individual"]
        [2 Removal of financial limits etc.]
        [3 Exemption relating to high net worth debtors and hirers]
        [4 Exemption relating to businesses]
        [5 Consequential amendments relating to ss. 1 to 4]
        [ Statements to be provided in relation to regulated credit agreements]
        [6 Statements to be provided in relation to fixed-sum credit agreements]
        [7 Further provision relating to statements]
        [ Default under regulated agreements]
        [8 OFT to prepare information sheets on arrears and default]
        [9 Notice of sums in arrears under fixed-sum credit agreements etc.]
        [10 Notice of sums in arrears under running-account credit agreements]
        [11 Failure to give notice of sums in arrears]
        [12 Notice of default sums]
        [13 Interest on default sums]
        [14 Default notices]
        [15 Enforceability of regulated agreements]
        [16 Time orders]
        [17 Interest payable on judgment debts etc.]
        [18 Definition of "default sum"]
        [ Unfair relationships]
        [19 Unfair relationships between creditors and debtors]
        [20 Powers of court in relation to unfair relationships]
        [21 Interpretation of ss. 140A and 140B of the 1974 Act]
        [22 Further provision relating to unfair relationships]
        [ Businesses requiring a licence and consequences of not being licensed]
        [23 Definitions of "consumer credit business" and "consumer hire business"]
        [24 Debt administration etc.]
        [25 Credit information services]
        [26 Enforcement of agreements by unlicensed trader etc.]
        [ Applications for licences and fitness to hold a licence etc.]
        [27 Charge on applicants for licences etc.]
        [28 Applications for standard licences]
        [29 Issue of standard licences]
        [30 Guidance on fitness test]
        [31 Variation of standard licences etc.]
        [32 Winding-up of standard licensee's business]
        [33 Consequential amendments relating to ss. 27 to 32]
        [ Duration of licences and charges]
        [34 Definite and indefinite licences]
        [35 Charges for indefinite licences]
        [36 Extension of period to pay charge for indefinite licence]
        [37 Failure to pay charge for indefinite licence]
        [ Further powers of OFT to regulate conduct of licensees etc.]
        [38 Power of OFT to impose requirements on licensees]
        [39 Power of OFT to impose requirements on supervisory bodies]
        [40 Supplementary provision relating to requirements]
        [41 Procedure in relation to requirements]
        [42 Guidance on requirements]
        [43 Consequential amendments relating to requirements]
        [ Powers and duties in relation to information]
        [44 Provision of information etc. by applicants]
        [45 Duties to notify changes in information etc.]
        [46 Power of OFT to require information generally]
        [47 Power of OFT to require access to premises]
        [48 Entry to premises under warrant]
        [49 Failure to comply with information requirement]
        [50 Officers of enforcement authorities other than OFT]
        [51 Consequential amendments relating to information]
        [ Civil penalties]
        [52 Power of OFT to impose civil penalties]
        [53 Further provision relating to civil penalties]
        [54 Statement of policy in relation to civil penalties]
        [ Appeals]
        [55 The Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal]
        [56 Appeals to the Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal]
        [57 Appeals from the Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal]
        [58 Consequential amendments relating to appeals]
        [ Ombudsman scheme]
        [59 Financial services ombudsman scheme to apply to consumer credit licensees]
        [60 Funding of ombudsman scheme]
        [61 Consequential amendments relating to ombudsman scheme]
        [ Miscellaneous]
        [62 Monitoring of businesses by OFT]
        [63 Disapplication of s.101 of the 1974 Act]
        [64 Determinations etc. by OFT]
        [65 Sums received by OFT]
        Final provisions
        [66 Financial provision]
        [67 Interpretation]
        [68 Consequential amendments]
        [69 Transitional provision and savings]
        [70 Repeals]
        71 Short title, commencement and extent
        [SCHEDULE 1 Schedule A1 to the 1974 Act]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Part 3A of Schedule 17 to the 2000 Act]
        [SCHEDULE 3 Transitional Provision and Savings]
        [SCHEDULE 4 Repeals]

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