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        Waverley Railway (Scotland) Act 2006 (asp 13)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        Part 1 Works, etc.
        1 Authority to construct works
        2 The railway works
        3 The ancillary works
        4 Permitted deviation within limits
        5 Access to works
        6 Construction and maintenance of new or altered roads
        7 Vesting of private roads
        8 Private crossings
        9 Permanent stopping up of roads
        Supplemental powers
        10 Temporary stopping up, alteration or diversion of roads
        11 Discharge of water
        12 Safeguarding works to buildings
        Part 2 Land
        Powers of acquisition
        13 Authority to acquire land
        14 Acquisition of subsoil or rights
        15 Purchase of specific new rights over land
        16 Rights in roads or public places
        17 Temporary use of land for construction of works
        18 Disregard of certain interests and improvements
        19 Set-off of betterment against compensation
        20 No double recovery
        21 Acquisition of part of certain properties
        22 Extinction or suspension of rights of way
        23 Power to enter land for survey, etc.
        24 Further powers of entry
        25 Persons under disability may grant servitudes, etc.
        26 Parliamentary plans and book of reference: adjustments agreed with landowners and correction of errors
        27 Period for compulsory acquisition of land
        28 Extension of time
        29 Acquisition of land for Work No. 1B
        30 Acquisition of land for Works Nos. 1C and 1E
        Part 3 Miscellaneous and general
        31 Power to fell, etc. trees or shrubs
        32 Powers of disposal, agreements for operation, etc.
        33 Statutory undertakers, etc.
        34 Arbitration
        35 Service of notices, etc.
        36 Listed buildings and conservation areas
        37 Saving for town and country planning
        38 Interpretation of sections 39 and 40
        39 Planning agreements
        40 Application of developer contributions
        41 Blighted land
        42 Method of vesting land
        43 Certification of plans, etc.
        44 Registration of new rights
        45 Mitigation of environmental impacts
        46 Compliance with Code of Construction Practice and Noise and Vibration Policy
        47 Works affecting the River Tweed Special Area of Conservation
        48 Regulation of mitigation measures
        49 Application of the Crichel Down Rules
        50 Application of original enactments
        51 Rights of the Scottish Ministers
        Part 4 Supplementary
        52 Incorporation of enactments
        53 Interpretation
        54 Short title
        SCHEDULE 1 Railway works
        SCHEDULE 2 Ancillary works
        SCHEDULE 3 Private crossings
        Part 1 Continuing private crossings
        Part 2 Private crossings to be stopped up and discontinued
        SCHEDULE 4 Stopping up and diversion of roads
        Part 1 Roads to be permanently stopped up
        Part 2 Roads to be temporarily stopped up
        SCHEDULE 5 Safeguarding works: procedure
        SCHEDULE 6 Acquisition of land, etc. outside limits of deviation
        Part 1 Acquisition of land
        Part 2 Acquisition of rights only
        SCHEDULE 7 Land of which temporary possession may be taken
        SCHEDULE 8 Statutory undertakers, etc.
        SCHEDULE 9 Listed buildings and conservation areas
        SCHEDULE 10 Code of construction practice
        SCHEDULE 11 Works affecting the River Tweed Special Area of Conservation
        Part 1 Works requiring special measures
        Part 2 Works not requiring special measures
        SCHEDULE 12 Provisions of original enactments applied to authorised works

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