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        Electoral Administration Act 2006 (c. 22)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        Part 1 Co-ordinated on-line record of electors
        1 CORE schemes: establishment
        2 Use of CORE information
        3 CORE scheme grants
        4 Electoral Commission
        5 CORE schemes: supplemental
        6 CORE schemes: procedure
        [7 Amendment of the 1983 Act]
        8 Interpretation of Part
        [Part 2 Registration of electors]
        [9 Registration officers: duty to take necessary steps]
        [10 Anonymous registration]
        [11 Alterations of registers: pending elections]
        [12 Determinations by registration officers and objections]
        [13 Registration of voters with service qualification]
        [Part 3 Anti-fraud measures]
        [14 Absent voting: personal identifiers]
        [15 Offences as to false registration information]
        [Part 4 Review of polling places]
        [16 Review of polling places]
        [Part 5 Standing for election]
        [17 Minimum age]
        [18 Certain Commonwealth citizens]
        [19 Nomination procedures]
        [Part 6 Conduct of elections etc.]
        [ Election timetables]
        [20 Omission of references to Maundy Thursday]
        [ Nomination]
        [21 Use of candidates' common names]
        [22 Candidate not to stand in more than one constituency]
        [23 Offences as to false statements in nomination papers]
        [ Death of candidate]
        [24 Death of candidate]
        [ Election expenses]
        [25 Amount of expenses which may be incurred by third party]
        [26 Return as to election expenses]
        [27 Meaning of election expenses for purposes of the 1983 Act]
        [ Observation of elections etc.]
        [28 Discretion to report on certain elections]
        [29 Observation of proceedings and working practices]
        [ Ballot papers]
        [30 Ballot paper design]
        [31 Replacement of counterfoils]
        [32 Photographs on ballot papers: piloting]
        [33 Evaluation of pilots under section 32]
        [34 Revision of electoral provisions in the light of pilot schemes]
        [ Voting in person]
        [35 Certain voters entitled to vote in person]
        [ Certain electoral documents]
        [36 Translations etc. of certain documents]
        [37 Documents relating to postal voting]
        [ Circumstances in which votes may be tendered]
        [38 Tendered votes]
        [ Offences related to voting]
        [39 Undue influence]
        [40 Offences relating to applications for postal and proxy votes]
        [ Access to election documents]
        [41 Control of documents after parliamentary election]
        [42 Access to other election documents]
        [43 Access to other election documents: contravention of regulations]
        [44 Access to other election documents: supplementary]
        [45 Marked postal voters list]
        [ Correction of procedural errors]
        [46 Returning officers: correction of procedural errors]
        [ Miscellaneous amendments]
        [47 Miscellaneous amendments of the 1983 Act]
        [Part 7 Regulation of parties]
        [ Registration of parties]
        [48 Registered names of parties]
        [49 Political party descriptions]
        [50 Confirmation of registered particulars]
        [51 Removal from register of registered parties]
        [52 Time for registration of parties fielding candidates]
        [ Accounting requirements]
        [53 Requirements as to statements of account]
        [54 Time for delivery of unaudited accounts to Electoral Commission]
        [ Control of donations]
        [55 Policy development grants to be donations]
        [56 Exemption from requirement to prepare quarterly donation reports]
        [57 Repeal of section 68 of the 2000 Act]
        [58 Register of donations to include details of nature of donation]
        [59 Reporting donations to holders of certain elective offices]
        [60 Northern Ireland: disapplication of Part 4 of the 2000 Act]
        [ Regulation of loans etc.]
        [61 Regulation of loans etc.]
        [62 Regulation of loans: power to make provision for candidates, third parties and referendums]
        [63 Regulation of loans etc: Northern Ireland]
        [ Campaign expenditure]
        [64 Campaign expenditure: standing for more than one party]
        [65 Time limit for claims in respect of campaign expenditure]
        [ Referendum and election material]
        [66 Details to appear on referendum and election material]
        [Part 8 Miscellaneous]
        [ Election services]
        [67 Performance of local authorities in relation to elections etc.]
        [68 Funding of services and expenses of returning officers]
        [ Encouraging electoral participation]
        [69 Encouraging electoral participation]
        [ Criminal proceedings]
        [70 Time limit for prosecutions]
        [71 Restriction on powers of arrest by persons other than constables]
        [ Pre-consolidation amendments]
        [72 Pre-consolidation amendments]
        [ Legal incapacity to vote]
        [73 Abolition of common law incapacity: mental state]
        Part 9 General
        [74 Miscellaneous amendments and repeals]
        75 Financial provision
        76 Interpretation
        77 Commencement
        78 Extent
        79 Short title
        [SCHEDULE 1 Amendments]
        [Part 1 Anonymous registration]
        [Part 2 Alteration of registers: pending elections]
        [Part 3 Standing for election]
        [Part 4 Omission of references to Maundy Thursday]
        [Part 5 Conduct of elections]
        [Part 6 Control of loans etc. to individuals and members associations]
        [Part 7 Miscellaneous]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Repeals]

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