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Update Status Warning: There are effects on this legislation that have not yet been applied to the Statute Law Database for the following year(s): 2006. Please see the Tables of legislative effects for details. See also important information in Update status of legislation.

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        Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 (asp 1)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 Housing standards]
        [Chapter 1 Housing renewal areas]
        [ Designation of housing renewal areas]
        [1 Housing renewal areas: criteria]
        [2 Housing renewal areas: procedure]
        [3 HRA action plans]
        [4 Variation of HRA designation order]
        [5 Revocation of HRA designation order]
        [6 Directions concerning identification of housing renewal areas]
        [7 Public access to HRA designation orders]
        [ Implementation of HRA action plans]
        [8 Implementation: duties of local authority]
        [9 Duty to rehouse displaced residents]
        [Chapter 2 Strategic housing functions]
        [10 Local housing strategies]
        [Chapter 3 The tolerable standard]
        [11 Amendment of the tolerable standard]
        [Chapter 4 The repairing standard]
        [ Landlord's duty to repair and maintain]
        [12 Tenancies to which repairing standard duty applies]
        [13 The repairing standard]
        [14 Landlord's duty to repair and maintain]
        [15 Application of duty in relation to flats etc.]
        [16 Exceptions to landlord's repairing duty]
        [17 Prohibition on contracting out]
        [18 Contracting out with consent of sheriff]
        [19 Pre-tenancy inspection]
        [20 Tenant's right to information about landlord's duty]
        [ Enforcement of repairing standard]
        [21 Naming of panel and re-naming of committees]
        [22 Application to private rented housing panel]
        [23 Referral to private rented housing committee]
        [24 Determination by private rented housing committee]
        [25 Variation and revocation of repairing standard enforcement orders]
        [26 Effect of failure to comply with repairing standard enforcement order]
        [27 Rent relief orders]
        [28 The repairing standard: offences]
        [29 Annual report]
        [Chapter 5 Repair, improvement and demolition of houses]
        [ Work notices and demolition notices]
        [30 Work notices]
        [31 Suspension of work notice]
        [32 Revocation of work notice]
        [33 Demolition notices]
        [34 Extension of period for completion of work or demolition]
        [ Enforcement by local authority]
        [35 Carrying out of work or demolitions by local authority]
        [36 Carrying out of work by local authority: repairing standard]
        [37 Evacuation]
        [38 Warrants for ejection]
        [39 Unlawful occupation etc.]
        [40 Acquisition of houses to be demolished]
        [41 Sale of materials from demolished houses]
        [Chapter 6 Maintenance]
        [ Maintenance orders]
        [42 Maintenance orders]
        [ Maintenance plans]
        [43 Maintenance plans]
        [44 Maintenance plans for two or more houses]
        [45 Maintenance plans for two or more houses: further provision]
        [46 Approval of maintenance plans]
        [47 Variation and revocation of maintenance plans]
        [48 Implementation of maintenance plans]
        [49 Enforcement of maintenance plans]
        [ Recovery of maintenance costs]
        [50 Power of majority to recover maintenance costs]
        [ Maintenance accounts]
        [51 Maintenance accounts: grants]
        [Chapter 7 Right to adapt rented houses]
        [52 Right to adapt rented houses]
        [53 Matters relevant to application to carry out work under section 52]
        [54 Amendment to the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001]
        [Chapter 8 Supplemental provisions, including appeals]
        [ Supplemental]
        [55 Power of local authority to carry out or arrange work or demolition]
        [56 Effect of tenant moving from house]
        [57 Obstructions etc.]
        [58 Listed buildings etc.]
        [59 Recovery of expenses etc.]
        [60 Certification]
        [61 Registration]
        [62 Service of documents]
        [63 Date of operation of notices, orders etc.]
        [ Appeals]
        [64 Part 1 appeals]
        [65 Part 1 appeals: determination]
        [66 Part 1 appeals: procedure etc.]
        [67 Adaptations: power to change method of appeal]
        [Chapter 9 Interpretation]
        [68 Sub-standard houses]
        [69 Application to non-residential premises]
        [70 Interpretation of Part 1]
        [Part 2 Scheme of assistance for housing purposes]
        [ Provision of assistance for housing purposes]
        [71 Assistance for housing purposes]
        [72 Guidance about availability and amount of assistance]
        [73 When assistance must be provided]
        [ Grants and loans]
        [74 Grants and loans: applications]
        [75 Determination of applications]
        [76 The approved expense]
        [77 Assessment of applicant's contribution]
        [78 Applicant's contribution: review]
        [79 Amount of grant or loan]
        [80 Terms of loan]
        [81 Notification of decisions]
        [82 Payment of grants and loans]
        [ Grants and loans: conditions]
        [83 Conditions applicable on completion of work]
        [84 Registration of conditions]
        [85 Discharge of conditions]
        [86 Breach of conditions of grant or loan]
        [87 Calculation of amount to be paid on breach of conditions]
        [ Miscellaneous and supplementary]
        [88 Limitation on further grant and loan applications]
        [89 Grant and loan applications: offences]
        [90 Work to improve energy efficiency and safety]
        [91 Local authority payments to not for profit lenders]
        [ Special cases]
        [92 Tenants]
        [93 Application to agricultural tenants etc.]
        [ Supplementary]
        [94 Directions and guidance]
        [95 Local authority powers for improvement of amenity of an area]
        [96 Application of this Part to the Scottish Ministers]
        [97 Interpretation of Part 2]
        [Part 3 Provision of information on sale of house]
        [ Duty to have or provide information about houses on the market]
        [98 Duty to have information about a house which is on the market]
        [99 Duty to provide information to potential buyer]
        [100 Imposition of conditions on provision of information]
        [101 Other duties of person acting as agent for seller]
        [102 Acting as agent]
        [103 Duty to ensure authenticity of documents held under section 98 or 101]
        [ Prescribed documents]
        [104 Information to be held or provided to potential buyers]
        [ Exceptions from duty]
        [105 Exceptions from duty to have or provide information]
        [ Responsibility for marketing houses]
        [106 Responsibility for marketing: general]
        [107 Responsibility of person acting as agent]
        [108 Responsibility of seller]
        [ Enforcement]
        [109 Enforcement authorities]
        [110 Power to require production of prescribed documents]
        [111 Penalty charge notices]
        [112 Offences relating to enforcement officers]
        [ Duty to provide information to tenant exercising right to purchase]
        [113 Information for tenants exercising right to purchase]
        [ Supplementary]
        [114 Grants for development of proposals]
        [115 Disapplication for houses not available with vacant possession]
        [116 Application of Part to sub-divided buildings]
        [117 Notification of breach of duty]
        [118 Possession of documents]
        [119 Meaning of "on the market", "sale" and related expressions]
        [Part 4 Tenancy deposits]
        [120 Tenancy deposits: preliminary]
        [121 Tenancy deposit schemes: regulatory framework]
        [122 Approval of tenancy deposit schemes]
        [123 Amendment of Rent (Scotland) Act 1984]
        [Part 5 Licensing of houses in multiple occupation]
        [ Introductory]
        [124 Requirement for HMOs to be licensed]
        [ Meaning of "house in multiple occupation"]
        [125 Meaning of "house in multiple occupation"]
        [126 HMOs exempt from licensing requirement]
        [127 Power to designate HMOs capable of being exempted by local authorities]
        [128 Relationships]
        [ Application for HMO licence]
        [129 Application for HMO licence]
        [130 Suitability of applicants and agents]
        [131 Suitability of living accommodation]
        [132 Restriction on applications]
        [ Terms of HMO licence]
        [133 Conditions]
        [134 Duration of HMO licence]
        [135 Application for new HMO licence: effect on existing HMO licence]
        [136 Change of ownership: effect on HMO licence]
        [137 Death of licence holder: effect on HMO licence]
        [ Variation and revocation of HMO licence]
        [138 Variation of HMO licence]
        [139 Revocation of HMO licence]
        [ Delivery and cancellation of HMO licence]
        [140 Delivery of HMO licence]
        [141 Cancellation of HMO licence]
        [ Temporary exemptions]
        [142 Temporary exemption orders]
        [143 Temporary exemption orders: requirement to improve safety or security]
        [ Enforcement by local authority]
        [144 Suspension of rent etc.]
        [145 Power to require rectification of breach of HMO licence]
        [146 HMO amenity notices]
        [147 HMO amenity notices: relevant matters]
        [148 HMO amenity notices: revocation]
        [149 HMO amenity notices: extension of period for completion of work]
        [150 HMO amenity notices: further provision]
        [151 Power of local authority to carry out or arrange work]
        [152 Effect of person moving from living accommodation]
        [153 Obstructions etc.]
        [ Offences etc.]
        [154 Offences relating to HMOs]
        [155 Defences]
        [156 Penalties etc.]
        [157 Disqualification orders etc.]
        [ Local authority decisions: notice and appeals]
        [158 Notice of decisions]
        [159 Part 5 appeals]
        [ General and supplementary]
        [160 HMO register]
        [161 Fees]
        [162 Grants: exercise of functions in relation to HMOs]
        [163 Guidance]
        [164 Joint licence holders]
        [165 Agents]
        [166 Interpretation of Part 5]
        [Part 6 Mobile homes]
        [167 Particulars of site agreements to be given in advance]
        [168 Variation of site agreements]
        [169 Implied terms relating to termination of agreements or disposal of mobile homes]
        [170 Power to amend terms implied in site agreements]
        [171 Amendments: harassment and eviction of occupiers of mobile homes]
        [Part 7 Repayment charges]
        [172 Repayment charges]
        [173 Effect of registering repayment charges etc.]
        [174 Repayment charges: further provision]
        [Part 8 Miscellaneous]
        [175 Matters relevant to deciding whether person is fit and proper to act as a landlord]
        [176 Other amendments of Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004]
        [177 Registered social landlords: delegation of functions]
        [178 Registered social landlords: permissible purposes]
        [179 Strategy for improving home energy efficiency]
        [180 Amendment of Housing (Scotland) Act 1988]
        [Part 9 Rights of entry]
        [181 Rights of entry: general]
        [182 Warrants authorising entry]
        [183 Rights of entry: constables]
        [184 Rights of entry: supplemental]
        Part 10 General and supplementary
        [185 Equal opportunities]
        [186 Power to obtain information etc.]
        [187 Formal communications]
        [188 Forms]
        [189 Offences by bodies corporate etc.]
        190 Ancillary provision
        191 Orders and regulations
        [192 Modification, revocation and repeal of enactments]
        [193 Crown application]
        [194 Interpretation]
        195 Short title and commencement
        [SCHEDULE 1 Housing renewal areas: procedure]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Private rented housing committees: procedure etc.]
        [SCHEDULE 3 Penalty charge notices under section 111]
        [SCHEDULE 4 Applications for HMO licences: procedure]
        [SCHEDULE 5 HMO amenity notices: enforcement etc.]
        [SCHEDULE 6 Consequential changes]
        [Part 1 Modification of Acts]
        [Part 2 Revocation of subordinate legislation]
        [SCHEDULE 7 Repeals]

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