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        Act of Supremacy (Ireland) (c. 1)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        I-IV. {repealed}
        V. No foreign power to exercise ecclesiastical jurisdiction in this realm.
        VI-XI. {repealed}
        XII. Penalty of maintaining or defending foreign authority. First offence, forfeiture of goods and chattels: a year's imprisonment, besides, if he has not £20. If an ecclesiastical person, his benefice to be void, as if dead and the patron may present. Second offence praemunire, 16 R.2 c.5. Third offence high treason.
        XIII-XVII. {repealed}
        XVIII. Two witnesses face to face necessary upon any offence within this act.
        XIX. And upon giving relief, &c. to any offender, two witnesses necessary that the party had notice of the offence.

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