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        Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 (asp 17)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 National Planning Framework]
        [1 National Planning Framework]
        [Part 2 Development plans]
        [2 Development plans]
        [Part 3 Development management]
        [ Meaning of development]
        [3 Meaning of "development"]
        [4 Marine fish farms]
        [5 Hierarchy of developments for purposes of development management etc.]
        [ Initiation and completion of development]
        [6 Initiation and completion of development]
        [ Applications for planning permission and certain consents]
        [7 Applications for planning permission and certain consents]
        [8 Variation of planning applications]
        [9 Development already carried out]
        [ Publicity for applications]
        [10 Publicity for applications]
        [11 Pre-application consultation]
        [12 Public availability of information as to how planning applications have been dealt with]
        [13 Keeping and publication of lists of applications]
        [ Determination of applications]
        [14 Pre-determination hearings]
        [15 Additional grounds for declining to determine application for planning permission]
        [16 Manner in which applications for planning permission are dealt with etc.]
        [17 Local developments: schemes of delegation]
        [ Powers of Scottish Ministers in relation to planning applications and decisions]
        [18 Call-in of applications by Scottish Ministers]
        [19 Appeals etc.]
        [ Duration of planning permission and listed building consent etc.]
        [20 Duration of planning permission and listed building consent etc.]
        [21 Planning permission in principle]
        [22 Further provision as regards duration of planning permission etc.]
        [ Planning obligations and good neighbour agreements]
        [23 Planning obligations]
        [24 Good neighbour agreements]
        [Part 4 Enforcement]
        [ Fixed penalty notices]
        [25 Fixed penalty notices]
        [ Stop notices]
        [26 Temporary stop notices]
        [ Enforcement charters]
        [27 Enforcement charters]
        [Part 5 Trees]
        [28 Tree preservation orders]
        [Part 6 Correction of errors]
        [29 Correction of errors]
        [Part 7 Assessment]
        [30 Assessment of planning authority's performance or decision making]
        [Part 8 Financial provisions]
        [31 Fees and charges]
        [32 Grants for advice and assistance]
        [Part 9 Business improvement districts]
        [ BID arrangements]
        [33 Arrangements with respect to business improvement districts]
        [34 Joint arrangements]
        [35 Additional contributions and action]
        [36 Duty to comply with arrangements]
        [ Administration etc.]
        [37 BID Revenue Account]
        [ Procedure]
        [38 BID proposals]
        [39 Entitlement to vote in ballot]
        [40 Approval in ballot]
        [41 Approval in ballot - alternative conditions]
        [42 Power of veto]
        [43 Appeal against veto]
        [44 Commencement of BID arrangements]
        [ Miscellaneous]
        [45 Duration of BID arrangements etc.]
        [46 Regulations about ballots]
        [47 Further provision as to regulations under Part 9]
        [48 Crown application of Part 9]
        [49 Interpretation of Part 9]
        Part 10 Miscellaneous and general provisions
        [ Miscellaneous]
        [50 National Scenic Areas]
        [51 Equal opportunities]
        [52 Regulations in connection with inquiries etc.]
        [53 Old development plans]
        [54 Further amendment of the principal Act]
        [55 Further amendment of the listed buildings Act]
        [56 Repeals]
        [57 Interpretation]
        [58 Supplementary and consequential provision]
        59 Commencement
        60 Short title
        [SCHEDULE Repeals]

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