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        [The Tweed Regulation Order 2007 (No. 19)]
        [Introductory Text]
        [Main body]
        [1. Citation and commencement]
        [2. Interpretation]
        [3. Annual close time order]
        [4. Weekly close time]
        [5. Prohibition of sale in Scotland of salmon taken by rod and line]
        [6. Marking of boats]
        [7. Definition of methods of net fishing]
        [8. Regulation of bag nets, fly nets or other stake nets]
        [9. Regulation of size of meshes]
        [10. Prohibited baits and lures and area of application]
        [11. Specification of baits and lures]
        [12. Areas of application]
        [13. Protection order]
        [14. Application]
        [15. Dams]
        [16. Fish passes]
        [17. Lades]
        [18. Screens]
        [19. Installation, maintenance etc.]
        [20. Revocations]
        [SCHEDULE Instruments revoked]
        [End Matter]

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