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        [The Education (Pupil Records and Reporting) (Transitional) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007 (No. 43)]
        [Introductory Text]
        [Main body]
        [1. Citation and commencement]
        [2. Interpretation]
        [3. Revocations]
        [4. Application]
        [5. General duties of the principal]
        [6. {- The information required by regulation 5(1) to be made available is: - his annual assessment ...}]
        [7. {It shall be the duty of the principal of the school, in respect of each pupil in a class at the...}]
        [8. Time and manner of provision of information to parents]
        [9. Duties of Boards of Governors]
        [10. {- The arrangements required by regulations 5 and 9 shall include provision enabling the parent,...}]
        [11. Savings]
        [12. {Nothing in these Regulations shall empower or authorise the Board of Governors of any school to...}]
        [13. {- Nothing in these Regulations shall require arrangements to be made for information as to the ...}]
        [14. Translation of documents]
        [End Matter]

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