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        Acquisition of Land Act 1981 (c. 67)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        Part I General
        1. Application of Act.
        Compulsory purchase
        2. Procedure for authorisation.
        3. Minerals.
        4. Assessment of compensation.
        5. Local inquiries.
        6. Service of documents.
        7. Interpretation.
        8. Statutory undertakers.
        9. Land held inalienably.
        Part II Purchases By Local And Other Authorities
        10. Preliminary.
        Notices prior to submission of order to confirming authority
        11. Notices in newspapers.
        12. Notices to owners, lessees and occupiers.
        Confirmation of order
        13. Confirmation of order.
        14. Land not originally included in order.
        15. Notices after confirmation of order.
        Part III Special Kinds of Land
        16. Statutory undertakers' land excluded from compulsory purchase.
        Orders subject to special parliamentary procedure
        17. Local authority and statutory undertakers' land.
        18. National Trust land.
        19. Commons, open spaces etc.
        20. Ancient monuments.
        21. Land within more than one provision in Part III.
        22. Notice of giving of certificate.
        Part IV Validity and Date of Operation of Orders and Certificates
        23. Grounds for application to High Court.
        24. Powers of the court.
        25. Restriction on other court proceedings.
        26. Date of operation.
        27. Exclusion of orders confirmed by Act of Parliament.
        Part V Procedure in Special Cases
        Compulsory acquisition of rights over land
        28. Acquisition of rights over land by the creation of new rights.
        29. Compulsory rights orders under Opencast Coal Act 1958.
        30. Acquisition of rights in connection with underground storage of gas.
        Statutory undertakers' land
        31. Acquisition under certain Acts of statutory undertakers' land without a certificate.
        Part VI Footpaths and Bridleways
        32. Power to extinguish certain public rights of way.
        33. Land acquired before commencement of this Act.
        Part VII Supplemental
        34. Consequential amendments, transitionals and repeals.
        35. Short title, commencement and extent.
        SCHEDULE 1 Purchases by Ministers
        SCHEDULE 2 Minerals
        Part I
        Part II
        Part III
        SCHEDULE 3 Acquisition of Rights over Land by the Creation of New Rights
        Part I
        Part II Acquisition of New Rights Over Special Kinds of Land
        SCHEDULE 5 Transitional
        PART I

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