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        Edinburgh Tram (Line One) Act 2006 (asp 7)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        Part 1 Works
        Principal works powers
        1 Power to construct works
        2 Power to deviate
        3 Power to alter the layout of roads
        4 Power to keep apparatus in roads
        5 Power to execute road works
        6 Permanent stopping up of roads
        Supplemental powers
        7 Temporary stopping up of roads
        8 Access to works
        9 Construction and maintenance of new or altered roads
        10 Construction of bridges and tunnels
        11 Restoration of roads if tramway discontinued
        12 Agreements with roads and road works authorities
        13 Agreements with Network Rail and BRB (Residuary) Limited
        14 Transfer of obligations arising from previous enactments
        15 Level crossings
        16 Attachment of equipment to buildings for purposes of works
        17 Discharge of water
        18 Safeguarding works to buildings
        19 Power to construct temporary tramways
        20 Power to survey and investigate land
        21 Mode of construction and operation of tramway
        22 Obstruction of construction of tramway
        Part 2 Land
        Principal acquisition powers
        23 Power to acquire land
        24 Powers to acquire new rights
        25 Rights under or over roads
        26 Temporary use of land for construction of works
        27 Temporary use of land for maintenance of works
        28 Power as to acquisition and use of additional lands
        29 Power to retain, sell, etc., lands
        30 Application of the Crichel Down Rules
        31 Disregard of certain interests and improvements
        32 Compensation in respect of depreciation in value of interest in land subject to a standard security
        33 Set-off against betterment
        Supplemental powers
        34 Acquisition of part of certain properties
        35 Persons under a disability may grant servitudes, etc.
        36 Extinction or suspension of private rights of way
        37 Power of entry on lands compulsorily acquired
        38 Correction of errors in Parliamentary plans and book of reference
        39 No double recovery
        40 Time limit for exercise of powers of acquisition
        41 Extension of time
        42 General vesting declarations
        Part 3 Penalty Fares
        43 Interpretation for Part 3
        44 Operation of Part 3
        45 Penalty fares
        46 Amount of penalty fare
        47 Document to be issued in connection with penalty fare requirement
        48 Notice of penalty fare provisions
        49 Supplementary provisions
        50 Exclusion of double liability
        Part 4 Operation of Authorised Tramway
        51 Power to operate and use authorised tramway
        52 Power to charge fares
        53 Disapplication of duties respecting provision of transport services
        54 Concessionary and integrated travel
        55 Obstruction to operation
        56 Removal of obstructions
        57 Prevention or restriction of running of tram
        58 Traffic signs and priority
        59 Power to lop trees overhanging the tramway
        60 Trespass on tramroads
        61 Power to make byelaws
        62 Power to contract for police services
        Part 5 Miscellaneous and General
        63 Insulation against noise
        64 Orders for insulating new buildings
        65 Repeal of sections 63 and 64
        66 Compliance with Code of Construction Practice and Noise and Vibration Policy
        67 Mitigation of environmental impacts
        68 Landscape and habitat management plan
        69 Powers of disposal, agreements for operation, etc.
        70 Application of landlord and tenant law
        71 Trams deemed public service vehicles
        72 Statutory undertakers, etc.
        73 Listed buildings and conservation areas
        74 Town and country planning, etc.
        75 Blighted land
        76 Saving for roads authority
        77 Certification of plans, etc.
        78 Service of notices
        79 Application of Railways Act 1993
        80 Arbitration
        Part 6 Supplementary
        81 Incorporation of enactments
        82 Interpretation
        83 Orders
        84 Rights of the Crown
        85 Short title
        SCHEDULE 1 Scheduled works
        SCHEDULE 2 Roads subject to alteration of layout
        SCHEDULE 3 Roads to be permanently stopped up
        Part 1 Roads to be permanently stopped up with a substitute provided
        Part 2 Roads to be stopped up to vehicular access and egress only
        Part 3 Roads to be permanently stopped up with no substitute provided
        SCHEDULE 4 Roads to be temporarily stopped up
        SCHEDULE 5 Level crossings
        SCHEDULE 6 Acquisition of certain land
        SCHEDULE 7 Land of which temporary possession may be taken
        SCHEDULE 8 Permitted events on tram route
        SCHEDULE 9 Provisions relating to statutory undertakers, etc.
        SCHEDULE 10 Listed buildings
        Part 1 Buildings to which listed building works may be carried out
        Part 2 Listed buildings to which equipment may not be attached without consent

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