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        Access to Justice Act 1999 (c. 22)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        Part I Legal Services Commission
        1. Legal Services Commission.
        2. Power to replace Commission with two bodies.
        3. Powers of Commission.
        Community Legal Service
        4. Community Legal Service.
        5. Funding of services.
        6. Services which may be funded.
        7. Individuals for whom services may be funded.
        8. Code about provision of funded services.
        9. Procedure relating to funding code.
        10. Terms of provision of funded services.
        11. Costs in funded cases.
        Criminal Defence Service
        12. Criminal Defence Service.
        13. Advice and assistance.
        14. Representation.
        15. Selection of representative.
        16. Code of conduct.
        17. Terms of provision of funded services.
        18. Funding.
        19. Foreign law.
        20. Restriction of disclosure of information.
        21. Misrepresentation etc.
        22. Position of service providers and other parties etc.
        23. Guidance.
        24. Consequential amendments.
        25. Orders, regulations and directions.
        26. Interpretation.
        Part II Other funding of legal services
        Conditional fee and litigation funding agreements
        27. Conditional fee agreements.
        [28. Litigation funding agreements.]
        29. Recovery of insurance premiums by way of costs.
        30. Recovery where body undertakes to meet costs liabilities.
        [31. Rules as to costs.]
        Legal aid in Scotland
        32. Regulations about financial limits in certain proceedings.
        33. Recipients of disabled person's tax credit.
        34. References by Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.
        Part III Provision of legal services
        Legal Services Consultative Panel
        35. Replacement of ACLEC by Consultative Panel.
        Rights of audience and rights to conduct litigation
        36. Barristers and solicitors.
        37. Rights of audience: employed advocates.
        38. Employees of Legal Services Commission.
        39. Rights of audience: change of authorised body.
        40. Rights to conduct litigation: barristers and legal executives.
        41. Authorised bodies: designation and regulations and rules.
        42. Overriding duties of advocates and litigators.
        43. Minor and consequential amendments.
        Barristers and solicitors
        44. Barristers employed by solicitors etc.
        45. Fees on application for appointment as Queen's Counsel.
        46. Bar practising certificates.
        47. Fees for solicitors' practising certificates.
        48. Law Society's powers in relation to conduct of solicitors etc.
        Legal Services Ombudsman
        49. Powers of Ombudsman.
        [50. Funding of Ombudsman by professional bodies.]
        [Legal Services Complaints Commissioner]
        [51. Commissioner.]
        [52. Commissioner's functions.]
        Public notaries
        53. Abolition of scriveners' monopoly.
        Part IV Appeals, courts, judges and court proceedings
        54. Permission to appeal.
        55. Second appeals.
        56. Power to prescribe alternative destination of appeals.
        57. Assignment of appeals to Court of Appeal.
        58. Criminal appeals: minor amendments.
        Civil division of Court of Appeal
        59. Composition.
        60. Calling into question of incidental decisions.
        High Court
        61. Cases stated by Crown Court.
        62. Power to vary committal in default.
        63. Criminal causes and matters.
        64. Contempt of court.
        65. Habeas corpus.
        Crown Court
        66. Enforcement of community orders.
        67. Time limits where accused sent for trial.
        Judges etc.
        68. Judges holding office in European or international courts.
        69. Vice-president of Queen's Bench Division.
        70. Registrar of civil appeals.
        Court proceedings
        71. Adjournment of inquest in event of judicial inquiry.
        72. Reporting of proceedings relating to children.
        73. Power to allow children to attend criminal proceedings.
        Part V Magistrates and magistrates' courts
        Territorial organisation
        74. Commission areas.
        75. Petty sessions areas.
        76. Areas: consequential provision.
        [77. Youth courts.]
        78. Unification and renaming of stipendiary bench.
        79. Justices not to sit on committal for sentence.
        [80. Jurisdiction over offences outside area.]
        Magistrates' courts committees
        81. Areas outside Greater London.
        82. Constitution of committees outside Greater London.
        83. Greater London Magistrates' Courts Authority.
        84. Standard goods and services.
        85. Power to direct implementation of inspectors' recommendations.
        86. Code of conduct.
        Justices' chief executives, justices' clerks and staff
        87. Qualification for appointment as chief executive.
        88. Role of chief executives.
        89. Independence of clerks and staff exercising legal functions.
        90. Transfer of clerks' functions to chief executives.
        91. Accounting etc. functions of chief executives.
        Execution of warrants
        92. Civilian enforcement officers.
        93. Approved enforcement agencies.
        94. Disclosure of information for enforcing warrants.
        95. Warrants of detention.
        96. Execution by person not in possession of warrant.
        97. Cessation of warrants.
        Part VI Immunity and indemnity
        Justices and their clerks
        98. Justices and clerks: immunity from costs.
        99. Justices and clerks: indemnity.
        100. Assistant justices' clerks: immunity from action.
        General Commissioners of income tax and their clerks
        101. General Commissioners: immunity from action.
        102. General Commissioners: immunity from costs and expenses.
        103. General Commissioners and clerks: indemnity.
        104. Indemnity.
        Part VII Supplementary
        105. Transitional provisions and savings.
        106. Repeals and revocations.
        107. Crown application.
        108. Commencement.
        109. Extent.
        110. Short title.
        SCHEDULE 1 Legal Services Commission
        SCHEDULE 2 Community Legal Service: excluded services
        SCHEDULE 3 Criminal Defence Service: right to representation
        SCHEDULE 4 {Section 24.}
        Amendments consequential on Part I
        SCHEDULE 5 Authorised bodies: designation and regulations and rules
        SCHEDULE 6 Rights of audience and rights to conduct litigation
        SCHEDULE 7 Powers of Law Society
        [SCHEDULE 8 Legal Services Complaints Commissioner]
        SCHEDULE 9
        SCHEDULE 10 Commission areas and petty sessions areas
        SCHEDULE 11 Unification and renaming of stipendiary bench
        SCHEDULE 12 Greater London Magistrates' Courts Authority
        SCHEDULE 13 Functions transferred to justices' chief executives
        SCHEDULE 14 Transitional provisions and savings
        Part I General
        Part II Legal Services Commission
        Part III Legal services
        Part IV Reporting of proceedings about children
        Part V Magistrates and magistrates' courts
        SCHEDULE 15 Repeals and revocations
        Part I Legal Services Commission
        Part II Provision of legal services
        Part III Appeals, courts, judges and court proceedings
        Part IV Enforcement of community orders
        Part V Magistrates and magistrates' courts
        Part VI Immunity and indemnity

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