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        Act of Union (Ireland) 1800 (c.38)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        The parliaments of Great Britain and Ireland have resolved to concur in measures for uniting the two kingdoms:
        [I.] said parliaments have agreed upon following articles:
        Article First. {no text}
        Great Britain and Ireland to be united for ever from 1 Jan. 1801.
        Article Second. {no text}
        Succession to the crown to continue as at present.
        Article Third. {no text}
        One parliament.
        . . .
        Article Fourth. {no text}
        The representation act shall be considered as part of the union.
        Irish peers who are not elected to serve as peers, may serve as British commoners, during which time they cannot be elected to serve as peers.
        Creation of Irish peers.
        In what cases peerages may be deemed extinct.
        How questions touching election of Irish commoners shall be decided.
        . . .
        How the parliament of the united kingdom shall be constituted.
        . . .
        Privileges, rights, ranks, and precedency of lords temporal in the imperial parliament.
        Article Fifth. {no text}
        Church of Scotland to continue as at present established.
        Article Sixth. {no text}
        Subjects of Great Britain and Ireland to be on same footing from 1 Jan. 1801.
        No duty or bounty on exportation of produce of one country to the other.
        All articles the produce of either country shall be imported free from duty.
        . . .
        Produce of either country, subject to internal duty, shall on importation into each country be subject to countervailing duty.
        Same charges on produce of either country exported through the other.
        . . .
        Article Seventh. {no text}
        . . .
        Article Eighth. {no text}
        All civil and ecclesiastical laws and courts shall remain as now established, subject to future alterations; court of admiralty in Ireland, with appeal to chancery in Ireland; all contrary laws repealed.
        Said articles were approved of by his Majesty; said articles are hereby declared to be the articles of the union, and in force for ever from 1 January, 1801.
        II. Recital of the representation act passed this session:
        III. . . .
        IV. When vacancies happen in counties, cities, or boroughs new elections shall be held.
        V. . . .
        VI-VII. . . .
        VIII. When a new parliament of united kingdom shall be summoned, lord chan. shall cause writs to be issued, &c. and so on all vacancies in commons.
        IX. Recited bill shall be part of this act.
        X. Great seal of Ireland.

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