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        Terrorism Act 2006 (c. 11)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 Offences]
        [ Encouragement etc. of terrorism]
        [1 Encouragement of terrorism]
        [2 Dissemination of terrorist publications]
        [3 Application of ss. 1 and 2 to internet activity etc.]
        [4 Giving of notices under s. 3]
        [ Preparation of terrorist acts and terrorist training]
        [5 Preparation of terrorist acts]
        [6 Training for terrorism]
        [7 Powers of forfeiture in respect of offences under s. 6]
        [8 Attendance at a place used for terrorist training]
        [ Offences involving radioactive devices and materials and nuclear facilities and sites]
        [9 Making and possession of devices or materials]
        [10 Misuse of devices or material and misuse and damage of facilities]
        [11 Terrorist threats relating to devices, materials or facilities]
        [12 Trespassing etc. on nuclear sites]
        [ Increases of penalties]
        [13 Maximum penalty for possessing for terrorist purposes]
        [14 Maximum penalty for certain offences relating to nuclear material]
        [15 Maximum penalty for contravening notice relating to encrypted information]
        [ Incidental provisions about offences]
        [16 Preparatory hearings in terrorism cases]
        [17 Commission of offences abroad]
        [18 Liability of company directors etc.]
        [19 Consents to prosecutions]
        [ Interpretation of Part 1]
        [20 Interpretation of Part 1]
        [Part 2 Miscellaneous provisions]
        [ Proscription of terrorist organisations]
        [21 Grounds of proscription]
        [22 Name changes by proscribed organisations]
        [ Detention of terrorist suspects]
        [23 Extension of period of detention of terrorist suspects]
        [24 Grounds for extending detention]
        [25 Expiry or renewal of extended maximum detention period]
        [ Searches etc.]
        [26 All premises warrants: England and Wales and Northern Ireland]
        [27 All premises warrants: Scotland]
        [28 Search, seizure and forfeiture of terrorist publications]
        [29 Power to search vehicles under Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000]
        [30 Extension to internal waters of authorisations to stop and search]
        [ Other investigatory powers]
        [31 Amendment of the Intelligence Services Act 1994]
        [32 Interception warrants]
        [33 Disclosure notices for the purposes of terrorist investigations]
        [ Definition of terrorism etc.]
        [34 Amendment of the definition of "terrorism" etc.]
        [ Other amendments]
        [35 Applications for extended detention of seized cash]
        Part 3 Supplemental provisions
        [36 Review of terrorism legislation]
        [37 Consequential amendments and repeals]
        [38 Expenses]
        39 Short title, commencement and extent
        [SCHEDULE 1 Convention offences]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Seizure and forfeiture of terrorist publications]
        [SCHEDULE 3 Repeals]

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