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        Children and Adoption Act 2006 (c. 20)
        Introductory Text
        Main body
        [Part 1 Orders with respect to children in family proceedings]
        [ Contact with children]
        [1 Contact activity directions and conditions]
        [2 Monitoring contact]
        [3 Contact orders: warning notices]
        [4 Enforcement orders]
        [5 Compensation for financial loss]
        [ Family assistance orders]
        [6 Provision as to family assistance orders]
        [ Risk assessments]
        [7 Risk assessments]
        [ Transitional provision]
        [8 Transitional provision]
        [Part 2 Adoptions with a foreign element]
        [9 Declaration of special restrictions on adoptions from abroad]
        [10 Review]
        [11 The special restrictions]
        [12 Imposition of extra conditions in certain cases]
        [13 Power to charge]
        [14 Other amendments relating to adoptions from abroad]
        Part 3 Miscellaneous and final
        [ Miscellaneous provisions]
        [15 Minor and consequential amendments and repeals]
        Final provisions
        [16 Regulations and orders]
        17 Short title, commencement and extent
        [SCHEDULE 1 Enforcement orders]
        [SCHEDULE 2 Minor and consequential amendments]
        [SCHEDULE 3 Repeals]

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