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Document Year and number Legislation type
Kent County Council Act 2001 2001 c. iii Act (Local UK) (Unrevised)
Kenya Independence Act 1963 1963 c. 54 Act (UK Public General)
Kenya Republic Act 1965 1965 c.5 Act (UK Public General)
Killingholme Generating Stations (Ancillary Powers) Act 1991 1991 c. viii Act (Local UK) (Unrevised)
King George VI Memorial Youth Council Act (Northern Ireland) 1957 1957 Chapter 23 Act (N.I. Parl 1921 - 1972)
King's College London Act 1997 1997 c. iii Act (Local UK) (Unrevised)
Kiribati Act 1979 1979 c.27 Act (UK Public General)
Kirk Dykes Act 1597 1597 c.3 Act (Old Scottish Parliament)
Knives Act 1997 1997 c. 21 Act (UK Public General)

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