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Blanket amendment

A provision may make an amendment or modification that is framed in such a way as to affect legislation generally rather than any specific enactment.  We call this a ‘blanket amendment’.


'Blanket amendment' column from an attributes table


An example of a blanket amendment that changes the text of affected legislation might be: “For the words "Supreme Court Act 1981" wherever they occur in any enactment substitute "Senior Courts Act 1981".”


However, as well as amendments to text, any other significant effect, such as a modification (but not a mere power to amend or modify), if directed to legislation generally, will be recorded as a ‘blanket amendment'. (A more accurate term might be ‘blanket effect’.) The relevant effect might either be aimed at all legislation or at a more limited category of legislation the precise contents of which are not readily identifiable. In either case, this would be called a ‘blanket amendment’ and the attribute set to ‘Y’. Where there is no blanket amendment, the attribute will be set to ‘N’.


The ‘blanket amendment’ attribute is never set in secondary legislation.



Note that this attribute will not usually have been set for legislation dating from before the relevant basedate.



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